Monday, January 1, 2018


As I reflect on the past year...the pain, the fear, the sadness & the loss;
there’s one thing that I’ve felt deeper than all of those things...God’s love & grace.
He brought healing from the pain, my trust grew out of fear,
He brought joy through the sadness & he filled the void that loss left with hope.
He’s the only answer when our minds are filled with doubt.
He’s the only way in a world full of wrong turns.
He’s the only truth that will never fail us.
He loves us when we are unlovable.
He collects our tears when we are weeping.
He heals us when we are broken.
He calls us when we are unworthy.
Life here is so fragile...meant to remind us that we are just quickly passing through.
This year has taught me that not one of us is promised tomorrow.
It only takes one second for life as we know it to never be the same again.
And it’s a glaring reminder that one day we will ALL be face to face with Jesus Christ.
What we have here on Earth will be counted as loss.
The only thing worthy of His attention will be THE WAY I LOVED while I was here.
I want to know Him so intimately that loving the way He does is as easy as taking my next breath.
I want to serve Him & glorify Him in all that I do. From household chores to my job; to my role as a wife, mom, daughter & friend; to teaching my Sunday School class and every little thing in between.
I want to walk in obedient trust and experience His love for me on the deepest possible level.
To know Jesus is to know unconditional love, fullness of joy, total peace, freedom, true beauty, & grace. During a time when everyone’s setting goals & making resolutions... I can’t think of anything in this life worth seeking more than that.