Monday, May 21, 2012

Stay Away Stretch Marks: My (Not So) Secret Solution

Like most moms, I did not look forward to the stretch marks that result from pregnancy.  You hear over & over again that it's genetics, genetics, genetics & doctors advise just to keep your tummy moisturized & hope for the best.  My mom actually did not get stretch marks, so I was blessed from the get go with a slimmer chance of getting them. But at age 22, I wasn't going to take any chances.  So I started researching & found the  Spoiled Mama Tummy Butter & Bump Gloss.  I started applying this as soon as I discovered I was pregnant & it smelled nice & did a great job moisturizing.  I would recommend Spoiled Mama products to anyone because first, they are organic which I LOVE...but they are also reasonably priced high quality products.  I continued using Spoiled Mama products throughout my pregnancy, but I wanted to do more so I started snooping through my kitchen cabinets to find some practical solutions.  As soon as I opened my cabinet, the olive oil literally fell out into my hands.  DING DING! I found a winner!  So from my 4th month of pregnancy until the day I delivered I would slather olive oil on my belly every night & gently place 1 layer of Saran Wrap across my tummy & put on a maternity tank top to hold it in place.  My belly stayed super smooth & the Saran Wrap allowed my belly time to absorb the moisture before it absorbed into my clothes!  Needless to say, it worked for me!  I just want to say,  there is nothing wrong with stretch marks because in my eyes...any & everything to do with the birth of a baby is BEAUTIFUL!  But anyone who says they WANT to get stretchmarks is lying!  I hope this little secret works for you! :)    

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