Tuesday, September 11, 2012

(Pin)spiration at work: Butterfly Craft

I really don't know how we ever survived before pinterest. And I'm pretty sad that when it became popular, I was already married & couldn't use some of the ridiculously creative ideas for my own wedding. Which is why I fully intend on redeeming the lack of pinterest in my life pre-wedding, by putting the ideas to use with my sweet Kollyns. Pinterest has GREAT ideas for activities for toddlers.  I also just started teaching a 2 year old Sunday School class & I let Kollyns do the crafts first so I can see just how age appropriate they are before letting several toddlers loose with the projects!  The first craft we attempted together was a Butterfly!  The idea was borrowed from the blog No Time for Flashcards & it turned out super cute! And I have to say...watching her little hands at work decorating her butterfly made my heart melt! I love watching her discover & learn!

You will need:  Construction Paper, Contact Paper, Ribbon in your choice of colors, & Scissors

I drew the butterfly & cut it out & placed it on the contact paper.  I cut up an assortment of ribbons & put them in a little bowl so Kollyns could choose her own decorations for her butterflies!  She loved it so much we ended up making 5 butterflies!  She kept going back to the table and asking to do another & she decorated each time with as much enthusiasm as the first.  The 2 year old class loved it too! Ahhh, Success.

& yes I know, it's not the safest thing in the world to let your kid stand on a chair...but until I buy her a craft table, this is where we will be making our messes!


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