Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year...New You! (Or so the saying goes...)

It's that time of year again!  Time to make resolutions that MIGHT last us through January! Or at least that's how so many of mine have played out in the past.  It's alot of pressure to take on a list of dramatic life changes all in one day.  It seems like it would make alot more sense to make gradual changes and work on improving yourself as the year goes on.  Or simply to make reasonable resolutions that we know we can keep!!!  I'm thankful that health & fitness are a huge part of my life.  That way I can focus my resolutions on something other than health/fitness (which I'm guessing make up about 99% of people's new year resolutions).  So these are the things I'm going to resolve to do in 2013.  By listing these out I am holding myself accountable!!!

Get ready for an honesty overload ahead...

1.  Spend more quiet time with God & in the word.  All of the things I would love to change about myself start with me getting where I need to be spiritually.  I don't care if you're a preacher, an outreacher (not sure if this is a word) or a Sunday School teacher (you get the point) one is ever too good to work on their relationship with the big man.  I have to constantly put effort into my human relationships...and just because God is perfect and loves me no matter where I am in life, doesn't mean I can push that relationship to the side.  God will meet me where I am, but the closer I am to Him the better off I will be.  So...that's my biggie!  And this one is way way way too important to let slide. 

2.   Work on having patience, a positive attitude, and a pure heart.  (Oh hey, won't these virtues accompany my #1 resolution? YESSS)  As a wife and a mom...patience is like THE most important virtue I could have.  I'm a pretty patient person, but not patient enough.  Life's challenges evoke big I will be doing even more holding my tongue and thinking through my responses.  A positive attitude is a big one too.  It's easy to keep up that perky attitude when life is going smooth and great...but what happens on those mornings when I wake up late, Kollyns wakes up crying halfway through my shower, I spill coffee on my new cream pants,  realize I've left my windows down as it rained through the night...and on & on.  These are the days in the new year that I promise myself I will breathe, laugh & take a step back and start saying everything I'm thankful for out loud.  These little things that seem like such an irritatingly big deal...are SO not a big deal in the big scheme of things.  And finally a pure heart.  A pure heart comes from finding contentment in the Lord and wanting to please Him in all things.  What's in my heart is what's important.  I can say 15 nice things about a something/someone aloud but if I feel another way in my heart, what's the point in even saying nice things.  God sees my heart and  I desire a clean heart.  I want to see the good in everything and everyone.  I have a 2 year old that copies every move I make and absorbs every word I say... so I have to handle life & myself with care.

And now for the less important resolutions...

3.  I will cook every single day for my family (except for the night(s) we go out.)  I cook alot during the week, but some days I get lazy & find myself wheeling through one of those nifty little drive thrus. Nope, not this year.  Devin was raised in a home where mama cooked the good stuff every night for supper. It's important to him, so I'm making it important to me.

4. I will maintain my fitness regimen (don't know why I'm putting this on the list, obviously I'm not going to stop working out)

...and at the moment I can't think of anymore. :)

Happy New Year to you and yours!

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