Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Spring!

Happy 2nd day of Spring y'all...even though it's a cold as all get out & I was greeted this morning as I stepped outside with a nice, steady snowfall.  I'm not gonna let that get me out of the Spring spirit though! It'll be warming up very soon hopefully fingers crossed, and these are some of my must haves!

I love bright shoes for spring!  Especially flat ones because I can wear them with shorts without the risk of looking like a skyscraper!  Plus I stay on the run chasing little Miss Energetic, so comfort is a must!
When it comes time to wear those cute tank tops, you don't want a fuddy duddy ugly bra underneath! 
Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars
I love these!  Anytime I'm craving ice cream I grab one of these little babies, and I'm good to go. 
Jergens Natural Glow
I swore off tanning a long time ago.  I used to tan with the best of them before I became a mom and started realizing how 'not smart' it was to bake my skin.  Number 1: I don't have time.  Number 2: I would lay in the tanning bed thinking about the million other things I should be getting done during those minutes.  Number 3: I don't want to look old when I'm old.  Number 4: I want healthy skin.  Jergen's natural glow actually works.  It gives me a subtle healthy glow without looking orange, and it moisturizes!
Garnier BB Cream
I instantly became hooked on BB Cream the first time I tried it!  It evens skin tone and smooths out blemishes, as well as protects my face because of the SPF in it.  This summer when it's time to hit the pool, I'll just put some of this on for a natural, effortless look.  But on normal days, I put it on under my foundation.
Neon nails are hot right now.  And I'm obsessed.
So comfy and cute.  Nothing wrong with a little sass at bedtime.
Bright Wedges from Victoria's Secret
I love these for church, so springy and bright.  But at about $80 a pair, choose the color wisely.
Everyone loves bright flops, but these are classy looking.  They come in lots of other neon colors too, and they are pretty cheap.
I don't care what anyone says, SmartWater does taste better than regular water.
I can't even take how cute these are. 
Crayola Fun Effects Twistables
We love to color and I was tired of picking up crayon paper and broken crayons.  These are perfection.
What can I say?  We're shoe girls.
Kollyns prefers Toms over any of her shoes, she even requests them when getting dressed.  She picked these out online.  She has great taste to be only 2! ;)
Colorful Bouncy Ball
You know the colorful balls that you can find just about anywhere like WalMart or Target?  Well Kollyns insists that we buy one everytime we go to the store.  Sometimes I can distract her and throw them back into the bin...but other times I'm very thankful these are only about $2.
Kollyns is right in the middle of potty training.  I can't wait til it warms up and she can wear dresses!  It's kind of a pain to change a pull up when she's wearing pants because the pants have to come completely off to get a new one on.  Not to mention this dress is neon, and adorable!
Kollyns loves water and she loves CamelBak bottles.  This one just so happens to have puppies on it, and puppies are her fave!
Crayola Outdoor Play Pack with Sidewalk Chalk and Colorful Bubbles
Do I really even need to explain myself for this one.  We are gonna have so much fun when it FINALLY warms up for good!

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