Thursday, March 21, 2013

Resurrection Eggs

I was on the hunt for a great Easter Sunday School lesson when i came across this fab idea.  I was worried that it would be too lengthy of a lesson for my toddler class, but it was so great!  I usually have 10-12 kids in the class, so it worked out perfectly and each one got to open up a surprise egg!  Oh the wonder and excitement that filled those little eyes.  They were all being so good because they wanted a chance to open an egg and they listened to every word of the story! I KNOW!  It's amazing.  Fill each egg with the following little items for the lesson:
1. Donkey
2.  Coins
3.  Bread
4. Praying Hands
5.  Sword
6.  Crown of Thorns
7. Cross
8.  Nails
9.  Sponge
10.  Linen
11.  Stone
12.  Empty

To get the full story for each egg and patterns for the items that are a little too difficult to make or find, head over to Cullen's ABC's!

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