Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring into Summer: My Toddler Friendly Workout

Lately I've been in the kitchen baking about as much as I've been in the gym working out (balance, balance, BALANCE).  After my self induced cake/chocolate bunny/jellybean coma yesterday, I'm giving up sweets starting today for quite sometime.  Never fear though, I will still be baking up a storm for the people I love!  So before I blog about the two yummy cakes I tackled this weekend, I'm sharing my favorite exercises to get ready for summer!  Anyone with a toddler knows that finding time to workout with one is quite the challenge.  My husband works several 12 hour shifts a week, so if I only worked out when he was home to watch Kollyns, I would never ever workout.  To all of you mamas that have more than one little one and still find time to stay healthy and keep in're amazing.  95% of the time, I workout in my mom's home gym (so thankful for that convenience). Most of the exercises I do there you can do in your own home, but I'm lazy at home so I have to throw on some workout clothes and put myself in a gym atmosphere to get motivated.  My number one rule for working out is that I never ever ever do the same workout in the same order, twice. I don't even plan my workouts ahead of time because I sell myself short when I do that.  I just do what feels right, and push myself as hard as I can on that day!  Typically I workout 4-5 days a week, usually 5!  On a normal day I will pick 4-5 exercises and rotate them for about 5-8 sets each.  That type of workout is just the most effective for my body type.  On Saturday, Kollyns was semi clingy, so I was able to alternate my exercises that included her and my usual exercises.  My workout is below, but please be warned...working out with your kid hanging off of you is pretty tricky.  Only attempt if you have a strong core and are experienced in the gym.  If you do these at home, you can do the same workout with no weight and no toddler as well! :) 

Warm Up Squats with No Weight (50 Reps)
U-Boat Abs (Photo Description) (50 Reps)
Bear Hug Squats with Kollyns (Video Below) (15 Reps)
Push Ups (Kollyns loves it when I do floor exercises because she feels like a part of my workout)
(10 Reps)
Step Out Lunges with Kollyns (Video Below) (15 Per Leg)
Deadlift Curl Press (Video Below) (10 Reps)
Superman Lunges (Video Below)  (20 Reps)
Torso Rotation Crunch (Photo Description) (50 Reps)
Deadlift Clean Press (Video Below) (10 Reps)
10 Minutes Cardio

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