Monday, April 15, 2013

The River

The weather has officially warmed up, and I'm appreciating it alot more this time around because we had to wait so much longer for it than usual.  For us, warm spring and summer days mean hanging out by the river and playing 'tornhole' (cornhole) as Kollyns calls it, cooking out, and having some lovely laid back conversations with great friends and family.  We live for this time of year, well and all those other times.  Sunday after church we loaded up and headed down to the river.  I left Kollyns in her church dress because I had to wake her up from a nap to get her into the car, and trying to change her clothes when she first wakes up is not my favorite thing to do.  Just this once, I'm thankful for her little feisty 'I just woke up mama, leave me alone' attitude because that little white dress made for some too cute for words photo ops.  I love my little family, and my friends...and it just doesn't get any better than enjoying life in its simplest form with them.


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