Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend/Early Week Recap

So I have been a bad blogger lately.  I'm so so sorry.  If I were one of my readers I would straight up ditch my blog after a full week of no posts by yours truly.  But thankfully, I have the best readers ever, and I know y'all will not desert me ;).  Between finding out my car was totaled on Friday and playing phone tag with my insurance company, I just couldn't seem to get myself together.  On top of that, we had a super busy weekend.  (I know, I know...excuses, excuses.) So apart from the cake pops I made last night straight from a Pillsbury cake pop kit box, my baking has been at an all time low.  But those cake pops were a hit with my little fam I must say.  Here is a little picture diary from our weekend...

Friday night we cooked out on the river.  I forgot my camera.  Bummer.  But I enjoyed one heck of a s'more.
Saturday was my little brother's girlfriend's Junior prom!  No, really. I can't believe it either. 
Isn't he dashing?  And his girlfriend is a little stunner herself!  Love those kids!

Of course they had to get a picture with big sis & their beautiful niece.  I don't know why my eyes were closed, but I was probably trying to figure out how to smile and not show my discomfort due to the stilettos I was wearing that were sinking into the grass. 
Kollyns spent some much needed quality time with Papa Todd...
...while Mommy & Daddy went to a beautiful wedding. Congrats Libbie & Scott! :)

And on Sunday we went to church, and came home and napped for awhile. 
We woke up from our nap craving a little fro-yo...so to Bloop we went.

And Monday after a long day of work wurt as Kollyns calls it, we decided cake pops were a must!

...and we ate every last one.
Happy Tuesday everyone! :)

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