Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Flashbacks

It's Friday!  Excuse me while I jump up and down and dance like no one is watching.  I love every day.  But Fridays are just like the cherry on top.  Anyone who knows me is well aware that I have a passion for life.  Everyday is the most amazing blessing.  I love everything about life and I don't want to forget any of it because it goes by so incredibly fast.  So from now on I'll be using Fridays to rewind and flashback to some of my favorite memories.  You never know what you might see on...
But I won't get too crazy this week and I'll share a few maternity photos that my best friend took of me in my fam's gym that I spent countless hours in during my pregnancy.  I loved being pregnant, I mean L-O-V-E-D it.  Oh no, I feel baby fever coming back on. But don't worry, it will go away during Kollyns' next temper tantrum.  Terrible two's are the BEST.  Actually they can be pretty great because there isn't anything quite as cute as my 2 year old and her huge personality.  But when the terrible part surfaces in the most public places it can be rather embarrassing, especially in Target.  But hey, all you can do is laugh. 

I loved that belly.  But I love holding my pretty little girl even more. :)
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Weekend Recap Part Two

Oh yes, now we get to the good stuff.  Sunday we made our way up to the lake and we had the best time.  Last year Kollyns was not a fan of Papa's boat, but this year I had to hold on to her life jacket straps for dear life to keep her from jumping head first into the lake while trying to catch the waves as we were riding.  My how a year changes things.  I'm super excited though because I was a lake baby myself as you can see...

This was me and my cousin at the lake in 1989.  Do the pigtails look familiar?  Blame my mom for my pigtail obsession with my own little princess.
We had loads of fun this past weekend but I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.  Except for my two cents that I can't resist throwing in every now and then. 
You just can't go to the lake and not feed the fish tish.  Kollyns got a kick out of the fish eating popcorn.  I love watching her spend time with my dad.  He's amazing. 
She wasn't too sure how she felt about the life jacket.  But once I told her either she has to keep it on or we leave the boat, it was an easy decision for her.  Life jacket it is.
Love my girl.
Daddy loves her so much too.  Look at that face!  She is too funny.

 Driving the boat is an absolute must.  I vividly remember the times my papa and dad would let me drive.  So sweet.  And as soon as we docked the boat, it didn't take Kollyns long to make her way to the condo pool.  Thanks goodness for sweet Maddy and her willingness to chase Kollyns around yet another frigid pool.
A little bit of ice cream sounded perfect before we hit the road back home.  As you can tell, Kollyns never wastes time diving into her cone.

Daddy had to work on Monday but we started it off right with a play date.  Waylon and Kollyns are 1 day apart and I love getting them together and watching them interact! :)  They might just be future BFF's.

Uncle JR came over and spent some time with Miss Kollyns...
...but it wasn't long before she was in the pool again.  I could eat this little ladybug UP.  SO CUTE!

She had a blast playing in the pool with her Cousin Tripp who is three years older.  I must admit watching them play gave me baby fever for about 3.5 seconds.
And sweet cousin Emily took over baby duty when she insisted on going deeper into the pool since I didn't even bring a swimsuit.
And to top it all off...I baked this beauty of a triple fudge chocolate on chocolate cake Monday evening and brought it to work for all of my coworkers/family to enjoy.
I love my family.  And this entire weekend my heart was breaking for the families that have lost loved ones who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  Don't forget to remember those families and keep them in your prayers!  And always enjoy every moment with the ones you love!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Strawberry Ice Cream Pie with Oreo Crust

I know.  I really need to stop with these dessert recipes, but I just can't help it.  And FYI, I don't eat all of this stuff that I make...I share it and everyone loves me for it.  :) 

You just can't lose with frozen treats in the summer time.  So I present to you this Strawberry Ice Cream pie.  It's only the easiest thing ever to make...

You will Need
1 Pint of Strawberry Ice Cream or Strawberry Greek Yogurt (Softened)
1 Package of Oreo Cookies
1 Container of Cool Whip
1 8oz package of cream cheese

Finely crush oreos and mix well with softened cream cheese.  Press into the bottom of a pie dish with a spoon or spatula. 

Spread softened ice cream or frozen yogurt on top of oreo crust.  My ice cream wasn't softened enough because I'm impatient and I was running late.  So yours will be a lot prettier than mine! :)
Top with cool whip.
Decorate it.
And freeze 1 hour before serving.
Easy as pie.  ;)

Memorial Day (or any day) Golden Oreo Balls

You know you want one.
Go ahead, as long as you workout before...or after.  Or before AND after. ;)
You will need:
1 Package of Golden Oreos
1 8oz Package of Cream Cheese Softened
1 Bag of Toll House White Chocolate Chips
Finely crush the entire package of Oreos in your food processor or in my case the Ninja (my favorite kitchen tool, ever).
Mix the crushed cookies with the cream cheese in a large bowl. 
Roll the mixture into balls. 
Freeze for 10 minutes.
Dip the balls into melted white chocolate. I melt it in the microwave using 3- 30 second intervals stirring in between.
Add festive sprinkles and refrigerate until you are ready to eat them. 


Memorial Weekend Recap Part One

I hope everyone had a fun and festive Memorial Day weekend.  There is no possible way I could put you through this weekend recap in just one post.  I think I took 5496813 pictures.  The weekend started out cold here in sweet home Appomattox, but we didn't let that stop us from relaxing by the pool or heading up to the lake and enjoying a nice chilly boat ride.  We had some good quality family time, and I discovered that my girl LOVES water (bring on the summer!).  She really couldn't have cared less that the pool felt like it was below freezing temps... she wanted in.  It made for some super cute pictures, but mama only made it in ankle deep because I wasn't nearly as excited about getting into the frigid water as she was.  Before I start the camera roll, I must say that every day is so much more fun when you have a little one to share it with.  And I am loving this age because she is HILARIOUS.  I find myself laughing out loud 95% of the day, and there's nothing quite as awesome as a life full of laughter and smiles. 

I'm obsessed with her pigtails.  Her hair is finally long enough for the perfect little tails.  I'm forever kissing them.

Saturday started off super cloudy, but that didn't stop us from wrapping up in a towel and cuddling.  Our favorite thing to do of all time.  Add some skittles to the mix and it's a little bit of Heaven on Earth.

Oh but the sun soon came out...
 and Miss Priss found her way right into the water and floated as she shivered.
I was finally able to get my fish out of the water and put her down for a nap...during which I made some pretty little Memorial Day treats. 
Strawberry Oreo Ice Cream Pie. Recipe Here.

Golden Oreo Balls. Recipe Here.

Stay tuned...

Friday, May 24, 2013

Baby Registry Essentials Part One: The Nursery

Registering before your precious little one's arrival is almost as fun as actually making the baby!  I'm totally just kidding.  But here's a fun fact: we RARELY use Kollyns' nursery.  Go ahead and judge me...our kid is 2 and still sleeps in the bed with us.  If it's any consolation, I do sleep in the middle so it doesn't have a negative effect on my marriage.  I tried to move her out of our room when she was 6 months old and my husband, HUSBAND wouldn't let me.  Even though Kollyns' room isn't used for sleeping, and now it's barely used at all except for when I rock her at night and read her a book...there are still some things that you absolutely have to have when your kiddo is an infant.  These are my must haves, along with a few things I could've done without.  This post is long overdue, but in case another little one comes along someday I really really want to remember what I needed way back when Kollyns was a teeny tiny itsy bitsy chubby wubby bundle. 

Summer Infant Contour Changing Pad and Cover: We loved our changing pad because it was so universal and just about every cover fit it.  It also fit securely to our changing table so there was no risk of her scooting off when she became a little more mobile. 

Summer Infant Sleek & Secure Video Monitor:  This was the only way I ever got anything done during Kollyns' naps.  For those times that I wasn't laying down beside her watching her sleep, I had to use naptime to get things done.  Absolute must have.  (I'm sure there are much better monitors out there than this one, but this is the one we have and it is has worked just fine!)

Compact Chill Out Fan:  Some parents buy fancy schmancy noise makers, but we decided a fan is all we needed.  A silent house is not my friend when I'm trying to fall asleep, so I've always relied on my old faithful box fan to get me through.  Obviously a box fan isn't pretty enough to adorn a pretty little nursery, so IF Kollyns slept in her room I would definitely opt for the above version. 

Crane Humidifier:  Dry noses, stuffy noses...neither are much fun.  Most humidifiers are U-G-L-Y and we can't have that hanging out in the house.  This one is super duper cute and perfectly functional.

Orange Pippi Drawer Organizers:  I'm convinced that my dryer eats socks, especially Kollyns' little socks.  If you keep pretty little organizers in your drawers for socks and diaper covers, your life will be a heck of a lot easier.  Digging through a heap of tiny socks to find a match is awesome not! Getting organized and STAYING organized will be a key factor in maintaining your sanity.  Another nice thing to have is a nice rectangular basket to hold your diapers right on top of the changing table so mama has easy access while baby is 1 inch from the side of the changing table and 1 second away from rolling off at any given moment.

Hair Bow Jars (for the girls):  I'm addicted to pretty little bows and flowers for Kollyns' hair.  Now that she actually has hair I just have the bows, but it was bows AND headbands for us for the first year and a half.  These jars are perfect to keep them separated.  And aren't they just so adorable?

Pottery Barn Glider & Ottoman:  I love my rocking chair.  It's a must for putting baby to sleep, perfect for the breastfeeding mama who wants to kick back and take a half-way rest while baby eats, or for just bonding and staring at your beautiful little one.

Circo Love N Nature Tap Light:  Middle of the night diaper changes can cause baby to wake up for good.  This is not a good thing when mama needs a full night's rest.  A dim lamp is perfect for changing because you can see what you are doing without startling the little one into a screaming/non-sleeping frenzy.  Plus you can get a super cute one to compliment your nursery d├ęcor perfectly!

Things I Thought I Needed, but Could've Done Without

A Wipe Warmer:  I seriously thought I really needed a wipe warmer.  Well I got 2 at my shower and quickly realized I should've left that space on my registry for something more useful.  I used one for about the first week, and changing her one time in public with a cold wipe fixed me pretty quick.  She was used to a nice warm wipe and when I didn't have a warm wipe on hand you would absolutely think the world was coming to an end.  Nope.  I retired the wipe warmer when Kollyns was 1 week old.

A Diaper Genie:  I admit that I also thought I might die if I didn't get one of these.  The truth is it was just something else I had to empty and keep clean so I might as well have just used the trash can.  Then when your kiddo gets old enough to make his/her way over to it and figures out how to open it, it becomes a mini disaster waiting to happen.

A Crib:  I'm just kidding.  You definitely need a crib.  But in our co-sleeping family, it has been completely useless. :)

Stay tuned for more Baby Registry Essentials

Part Two:  Feeding

Part Three:  Traveling

Part Four:  Basics

Coming soon! :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Recap

Sheesh, what a weekend.  I learned a very valuable lesson:  NEVER TAKE A TODDLER ON A MULTI-STORE SHOPPING TRIP.  I take Kollyns shopping often, but we limit ourselves to a drive-thru meal and one store.  ONE STORE.  That is the key.  Beth and I decided to take a BFF shopping trip to Lynchburg on Saturday and we had a great time, but I think everyone that saw us labeled me as "that mom that has no control over her kid".  I was almost in tears by the end of the day.  Mistake number one:  I didn't bring a stroller so I had no way of buckling her in and she thinks it's funny to jump out of moving carts.  What was I thinkinggg?  Mistake number two:  I didn't drink enough coffee for breakfast.  Mistake number three:  we had a sit down lunch AND tried to shop in 4 separate stores.  Never again.  Never ever again.  I spent a total of $11 between 4 stores because any time I had a few things in my arms to buy, Kollyns would sprint off and I would have to sling whatever I was holding onto a random shelf or abandon my cart and chase her down.  At one point I'm pretty sure I rammed a man with my cart and barely said "Sorry" because Kollyns was dashing straight for something breakable and I didn't have time to be polite.  By the time we pulled out of that last store I was pulling my hair out and promising myself and Beth that Kollyns would be my ONLY child.  In retrospect, it was a  hilarious day... but it was so far from hilarious at the time that I swore off in-store shopping for the rest of my life.  Online shopping it is from now on.  She's lucky she's so freaking adorable and I love her more than anything in the whole entire World, because it's just impossible for me to get mad at her.

Friday after work and she was already tired of pictures.  I'm an over the top picture taking mama in case you all didn't already know that.

She chilled with Nanny Tawnee Friday evening while mommy worked out.
I really thought Saturday was going to be such a relaxing day because my breakfast was so pretty...
and Kollyns was in an awesome mood because I was making her a heart shaped pancake!

Then I fixed her hair in these incredibly cute bun tails.
Then she was an absolute angel while I worked out. 

She behaved just like a little lady in Chipotle drinking her milk and eating her cheese quesadilla.
And we just had to take a bff pic so we could always remember our girl's day.
Then we went to Barnes and Noble and she was having the BEST time looking at books and playing.

She loved it so much that she thought she should stay there all day and not go to any other stores.
It was all downhill from there.  She was screaming before we could get to the front door of Barnes and Noble because she didn't want to leave.
And the pattern continued on for the next 3 stores. 
Which is why I don't have another picture of her until this one...
 And I had to refuel before going to take pictures of my beautiful little cousin before her prom because I was completely drained as well.
Of course she looked gorgeous as usual!  And I look super duper pale.  Maybe I should rethink my decision to never tan again.

So she finally woke up and we both decided we need to bake something to relieve our stress from the day...
...a chocolate chip bundt cake did the trick.
 Then we played a bit until daddy got home from work.
She was so excited to see him, and this exhausted mama was super excited too. 
And these are the only two pictures I have from Sunday because Sunday consisted of church and a whole lotta napping...
Coffee was a must before teaching a class full of 2 year olds....

and this little pretty girl was looking just adorable.
And since today is Monday and I woke up late for work.  My hair was thrown into this 3-braid, braid.  It will absolutely be my go-to look this summer because it's super cute and super easy.  All you do is braid your hair into 3 separate braids, then braid the 3 braids into one braid.  It's messy, cute and effortless!  I've learned that effortless is a must for a mommy of a 2 year old!
Happy Monday everyone!