Friday, May 3, 2013

A Day in The Life of Us

I'm one of those weirdos that love a good routine.  Just about all of my days look exactly the same.  I know, where's the spontaneity?  Well it flies right out of the window once baby arrives.  And for the sake of my sanity as a mom I absolutely NEED structure in my day to day life, as does Kollyns.  We do fun & random things on the weekends, but during the week...the gist of our day goes about like this...

Quiet house.  Shower. Laundry. Coffee.  Makeup. Good Morning America.
Kollyns and I share breakfast when we get to work.  I love Quaker Perfect Portions because it's all natural with NO sugar.
Trying to get a little work done and...
my favorite girl wants to play.
So of course we play for awhile! 
Then Kollyns plays with her iPad for a few minutes so I can get something, anything done.
We have lunch together and play some more...
then she curls up in mommy's lap for nap time.
Believe it or not, I AM able to get alot of work done during the 2 hours she naps in my lap.
And after a long day of work, we head straight to the gym.  I have to get my workout in before I get settled at home.  If I get in my front door and get comfortable and cozy,  you might as well go ahead and chalk that up to a gym skip day.
My workout partner! ;)
After a nice little workout we spent a little time enjoying this beautiful view...
while daddy grilled us some chicken.

And Mommy & KollyBelle had some cuddle time in the rocking chair after we ate...
while daddy rested after playing Chef Devin.
I am so thankful for this life I get to share with these two.  Even the simplest of things become the greatest joys when I get to share them with the ones I love.  We are so blessed!

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