Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Flashbacks

It's Friday!  Excuse me while I jump up and down and dance like no one is watching.  I love every day.  But Fridays are just like the cherry on top.  Anyone who knows me is well aware that I have a passion for life.  Everyday is the most amazing blessing.  I love everything about life and I don't want to forget any of it because it goes by so incredibly fast.  So from now on I'll be using Fridays to rewind and flashback to some of my favorite memories.  You never know what you might see on...
But I won't get too crazy this week and I'll share a few maternity photos that my best friend took of me in my fam's gym that I spent countless hours in during my pregnancy.  I loved being pregnant, I mean L-O-V-E-D it.  Oh no, I feel baby fever coming back on. But don't worry, it will go away during Kollyns' next temper tantrum.  Terrible two's are the BEST.  Actually they can be pretty great because there isn't anything quite as cute as my 2 year old and her huge personality.  But when the terrible part surfaces in the most public places it can be rather embarrassing, especially in Target.  But hey, all you can do is laugh. 

I loved that belly.  But I love holding my pretty little girl even more. :)
Happy Friday!

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