Friday, May 24, 2013

Baby Registry Essentials Part One: The Nursery

Registering before your precious little one's arrival is almost as fun as actually making the baby!  I'm totally just kidding.  But here's a fun fact: we RARELY use Kollyns' nursery.  Go ahead and judge me...our kid is 2 and still sleeps in the bed with us.  If it's any consolation, I do sleep in the middle so it doesn't have a negative effect on my marriage.  I tried to move her out of our room when she was 6 months old and my husband, HUSBAND wouldn't let me.  Even though Kollyns' room isn't used for sleeping, and now it's barely used at all except for when I rock her at night and read her a book...there are still some things that you absolutely have to have when your kiddo is an infant.  These are my must haves, along with a few things I could've done without.  This post is long overdue, but in case another little one comes along someday I really really want to remember what I needed way back when Kollyns was a teeny tiny itsy bitsy chubby wubby bundle. 

Summer Infant Contour Changing Pad and Cover: We loved our changing pad because it was so universal and just about every cover fit it.  It also fit securely to our changing table so there was no risk of her scooting off when she became a little more mobile. 

Summer Infant Sleek & Secure Video Monitor:  This was the only way I ever got anything done during Kollyns' naps.  For those times that I wasn't laying down beside her watching her sleep, I had to use naptime to get things done.  Absolute must have.  (I'm sure there are much better monitors out there than this one, but this is the one we have and it is has worked just fine!)

Compact Chill Out Fan:  Some parents buy fancy schmancy noise makers, but we decided a fan is all we needed.  A silent house is not my friend when I'm trying to fall asleep, so I've always relied on my old faithful box fan to get me through.  Obviously a box fan isn't pretty enough to adorn a pretty little nursery, so IF Kollyns slept in her room I would definitely opt for the above version. 

Crane Humidifier:  Dry noses, stuffy noses...neither are much fun.  Most humidifiers are U-G-L-Y and we can't have that hanging out in the house.  This one is super duper cute and perfectly functional.

Orange Pippi Drawer Organizers:  I'm convinced that my dryer eats socks, especially Kollyns' little socks.  If you keep pretty little organizers in your drawers for socks and diaper covers, your life will be a heck of a lot easier.  Digging through a heap of tiny socks to find a match is awesome not! Getting organized and STAYING organized will be a key factor in maintaining your sanity.  Another nice thing to have is a nice rectangular basket to hold your diapers right on top of the changing table so mama has easy access while baby is 1 inch from the side of the changing table and 1 second away from rolling off at any given moment.

Hair Bow Jars (for the girls):  I'm addicted to pretty little bows and flowers for Kollyns' hair.  Now that she actually has hair I just have the bows, but it was bows AND headbands for us for the first year and a half.  These jars are perfect to keep them separated.  And aren't they just so adorable?

Pottery Barn Glider & Ottoman:  I love my rocking chair.  It's a must for putting baby to sleep, perfect for the breastfeeding mama who wants to kick back and take a half-way rest while baby eats, or for just bonding and staring at your beautiful little one.

Circo Love N Nature Tap Light:  Middle of the night diaper changes can cause baby to wake up for good.  This is not a good thing when mama needs a full night's rest.  A dim lamp is perfect for changing because you can see what you are doing without startling the little one into a screaming/non-sleeping frenzy.  Plus you can get a super cute one to compliment your nursery décor perfectly!

Things I Thought I Needed, but Could've Done Without

A Wipe Warmer:  I seriously thought I really needed a wipe warmer.  Well I got 2 at my shower and quickly realized I should've left that space on my registry for something more useful.  I used one for about the first week, and changing her one time in public with a cold wipe fixed me pretty quick.  She was used to a nice warm wipe and when I didn't have a warm wipe on hand you would absolutely think the world was coming to an end.  Nope.  I retired the wipe warmer when Kollyns was 1 week old.

A Diaper Genie:  I admit that I also thought I might die if I didn't get one of these.  The truth is it was just something else I had to empty and keep clean so I might as well have just used the trash can.  Then when your kiddo gets old enough to make his/her way over to it and figures out how to open it, it becomes a mini disaster waiting to happen.

A Crib:  I'm just kidding.  You definitely need a crib.  But in our co-sleeping family, it has been completely useless. :)

Stay tuned for more Baby Registry Essentials

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Coming soon! :)

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