Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day (or any day) Golden Oreo Balls

You know you want one.
Go ahead, as long as you workout before...or after.  Or before AND after. ;)
You will need:
1 Package of Golden Oreos
1 8oz Package of Cream Cheese Softened
1 Bag of Toll House White Chocolate Chips
Finely crush the entire package of Oreos in your food processor or in my case the Ninja (my favorite kitchen tool, ever).
Mix the crushed cookies with the cream cheese in a large bowl. 
Roll the mixture into balls. 
Freeze for 10 minutes.
Dip the balls into melted white chocolate. I melt it in the microwave using 3- 30 second intervals stirring in between.
Add festive sprinkles and refrigerate until you are ready to eat them. 


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