Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Weekend Recap Part Two

Oh yes, now we get to the good stuff.  Sunday we made our way up to the lake and we had the best time.  Last year Kollyns was not a fan of Papa's boat, but this year I had to hold on to her life jacket straps for dear life to keep her from jumping head first into the lake while trying to catch the waves as we were riding.  My how a year changes things.  I'm super excited though because I was a lake baby myself as you can see...

This was me and my cousin at the lake in 1989.  Do the pigtails look familiar?  Blame my mom for my pigtail obsession with my own little princess.
We had loads of fun this past weekend but I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.  Except for my two cents that I can't resist throwing in every now and then. 
You just can't go to the lake and not feed the fish tish.  Kollyns got a kick out of the fish eating popcorn.  I love watching her spend time with my dad.  He's amazing. 
She wasn't too sure how she felt about the life jacket.  But once I told her either she has to keep it on or we leave the boat, it was an easy decision for her.  Life jacket it is.
Love my girl.
Daddy loves her so much too.  Look at that face!  She is too funny.

 Driving the boat is an absolute must.  I vividly remember the times my papa and dad would let me drive.  So sweet.  And as soon as we docked the boat, it didn't take Kollyns long to make her way to the condo pool.  Thanks goodness for sweet Maddy and her willingness to chase Kollyns around yet another frigid pool.
A little bit of ice cream sounded perfect before we hit the road back home.  As you can tell, Kollyns never wastes time diving into her cone.

Daddy had to work on Monday but we started it off right with a play date.  Waylon and Kollyns are 1 day apart and I love getting them together and watching them interact! :)  They might just be future BFF's.

Uncle JR came over and spent some time with Miss Kollyns...
...but it wasn't long before she was in the pool again.  I could eat this little ladybug UP.  SO CUTE!

She had a blast playing in the pool with her Cousin Tripp who is three years older.  I must admit watching them play gave me baby fever for about 3.5 seconds.
And sweet cousin Emily took over baby duty when she insisted on going deeper into the pool since I didn't even bring a swimsuit.
And to top it all off...I baked this beauty of a triple fudge chocolate on chocolate cake Monday evening and brought it to work for all of my coworkers/family to enjoy.
I love my family.  And this entire weekend my heart was breaking for the families that have lost loved ones who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  Don't forget to remember those families and keep them in your prayers!  And always enjoy every moment with the ones you love!

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