Thursday, May 2, 2013

Potty Training a Princess

Oh, potty training.  I dreaded it, read about it, asked other moms a hundred questions about it, researched different methods, and then dreaded it some more.  And suddenly one day my kid was just potty trained.  I am very thankful it was so easy for her, but I can't say that I have a magic method.  It just clicked with her!  But the process was SO gradual beginning when she was around 18 months old, that I didn't even realize it was happening when it was actually happening!  The eighteenth month was when she started showing interest in the potty.  She would always point to it and say "potty, pee pee" and I would clap and say "Yayyy good girl!  That is what the potty is for!"  As all moms know when your precious one starts talking they are like a little machine on repeat.  "Potty.  Potty. Pee Pee. Potty. Mommy. Potty. Potty. Pee Pee. Mommy." You get the idea.  In retrospect, I'm pretty happy she was fixated with the word potty, because I think that's why she was trained so early.  Around 21 months she started asking to sit on the potty.  She was never afraid of the big potty, but I didn't like the idea of her falling into a big germ filled white bowl so I headed to the store and picked her up a little Dora potty seat for toddlers that sits right on top of the big seat.  We never have dealt with the smaller potties and having to clean and dump them.  The toilets I already have in my home are enough to clean for this mama, thank you.  I wasn't very interested in adding another one to the mix.  Around this time she started randomly using the potty and asking me to use it.   We continued to use diapers because she would only go about once a day in the actual potty!  And changing a pull up is alot more difficult than just changing a diaper.  Especially when it's winter and you have to completely undress the bottom half to get a new one on.  No thank you.  Mini M&Ms were my very best friend between month 21 and month 23.  If she used the potty I would give her an M&M, jump up and down and clap and sing her praises to the point where I looked absolutely ridiculous.  I didn't care.  I was so proud of my little girl. Lord help this child when she gets in high school and starts playing sports.  I will be one of those extremely LOUD parents that gets strange looks. Haha.  When she turned two she was using the potty almost all day with my reminder every 10 minutes of course that "she is a big girl now and potties are for big girls!"  I started acting a little less crazy with my celebrations so she would begin to understand that pottying is what she is SUPPOSED to do!  But I still cheered her on every time!  We transitioned to Pampers Easy Ups for a few weeks just in case we were somewhere and couldn't make it to the potty in time!  She loved them and would ask for her "big girl pull ups" when I dressed her in the morning!  We switched over to "princess panties" about 2 months ago, and she had one accident.  She screamed and freaked out because she was not a fan of the way that felt.  That was all it took.  She was done with accidents.  She is now just over 2, and I don't have to remind her at all.  She will loudly and proudly tell mommy if she has to pee or poop at home, at a restaurant, in church...wherever, kids have no filter!  My sweet girl is officially potty trained.  And I am so proud of her!  Which brings me to my next point...WHY do they have to grow up so fast. Wahhh. :(

This is a picture of Kollyns the first day we bought her big girl underwear!  I wouldn't let her wear them because they had not been washed, but she insisted that she wear them on top of her jeans and she pitched a small fit when I made her take them off at bath time! Haha!

This was when she first began using the potty and we took her to get ice cream!  I ended up eating most of mine and hers because she kept trading me cones when hers got messy.  :)

Love my girl.

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