Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sunshine and Ice Cream

I hope everyone is loving this 80 degree weather we are having!  We have waited long enough.  I jumped up and down at 7 am when I let the dogs out in shorts and a tank top and didn't even get the slightest bit cold.  It was WARM.  At 7am!!!   Yesterday was our first super warm day in a while and Dairy Queen was drawing me in like a magnet.  Oh I tried to fight it, but that caramel sundae was calling my name.  I'm convinced that since I ran around the yard with Kollyns for 15 minutes after we ate them, I can just pretend I never ate it.  What ice cream? 

She couldn't wait to dig in...
...then she started dancing with joy.  But of course her dancing includes pulling her dress up.  It's cute now...but won't be in about 15 years.  Mommy must put a stop to this now.
And Mommy finally decided it was warm enough to break out the white jeans this morning.  I love white pants, but I'm such a weirdo when it comes to wearing them.  I won't wear them unless it's after Easter, before Labor Day, and at least 75 degrees.  But I refuse to wear white any time.  And I'm aware that taking pictures of myself in the mirror is tween girl behavior...but Dev was at work and Kollyns was asleep, and I just love these three colors together.
But for the record, I'm now rethinking white pants altogether because it's only 1 pm and it looks like I've been crawling around in the dirt thanks to my precious daughter using me as a jungle gym today. 
And being outside in this pretty summer-like weather brings out a whole new level of happiness in Kollyns.  She LOVES it.
And this is the puppy dog face I get when I tell her we have to go inside.  I love those big pretty eyes!
Kollyns' Striped Ruffle Dress can be found here.
Of course it's from BabyGap because I can never handle that amount of cuteness.
Here are some of Kollyns' other baby Gap faves for Spring/Summer.  Seriously, she points to these things on the computer screen and says "Mom I want dat."


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