Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Recap

Sheesh, what a weekend.  I learned a very valuable lesson:  NEVER TAKE A TODDLER ON A MULTI-STORE SHOPPING TRIP.  I take Kollyns shopping often, but we limit ourselves to a drive-thru meal and one store.  ONE STORE.  That is the key.  Beth and I decided to take a BFF shopping trip to Lynchburg on Saturday and we had a great time, but I think everyone that saw us labeled me as "that mom that has no control over her kid".  I was almost in tears by the end of the day.  Mistake number one:  I didn't bring a stroller so I had no way of buckling her in and she thinks it's funny to jump out of moving carts.  What was I thinkinggg?  Mistake number two:  I didn't drink enough coffee for breakfast.  Mistake number three:  we had a sit down lunch AND tried to shop in 4 separate stores.  Never again.  Never ever again.  I spent a total of $11 between 4 stores because any time I had a few things in my arms to buy, Kollyns would sprint off and I would have to sling whatever I was holding onto a random shelf or abandon my cart and chase her down.  At one point I'm pretty sure I rammed a man with my cart and barely said "Sorry" because Kollyns was dashing straight for something breakable and I didn't have time to be polite.  By the time we pulled out of that last store I was pulling my hair out and promising myself and Beth that Kollyns would be my ONLY child.  In retrospect, it was a  hilarious day... but it was so far from hilarious at the time that I swore off in-store shopping for the rest of my life.  Online shopping it is from now on.  She's lucky she's so freaking adorable and I love her more than anything in the whole entire World, because it's just impossible for me to get mad at her.

Friday after work and she was already tired of pictures.  I'm an over the top picture taking mama in case you all didn't already know that.

She chilled with Nanny Tawnee Friday evening while mommy worked out.
I really thought Saturday was going to be such a relaxing day because my breakfast was so pretty...
and Kollyns was in an awesome mood because I was making her a heart shaped pancake!

Then I fixed her hair in these incredibly cute bun tails.
Then she was an absolute angel while I worked out. 

She behaved just like a little lady in Chipotle drinking her milk and eating her cheese quesadilla.
And we just had to take a bff pic so we could always remember our girl's day.
Then we went to Barnes and Noble and she was having the BEST time looking at books and playing.

She loved it so much that she thought she should stay there all day and not go to any other stores.
It was all downhill from there.  She was screaming before we could get to the front door of Barnes and Noble because she didn't want to leave.
And the pattern continued on for the next 3 stores. 
Which is why I don't have another picture of her until this one...
 And I had to refuel before going to take pictures of my beautiful little cousin before her prom because I was completely drained as well.
Of course she looked gorgeous as usual!  And I look super duper pale.  Maybe I should rethink my decision to never tan again.

So she finally woke up and we both decided we need to bake something to relieve our stress from the day...
...a chocolate chip bundt cake did the trick.
 Then we played a bit until daddy got home from work.
She was so excited to see him, and this exhausted mama was super excited too. 
And these are the only two pictures I have from Sunday because Sunday consisted of church and a whole lotta napping...
Coffee was a must before teaching a class full of 2 year olds....

and this little pretty girl was looking just adorable.
And since today is Monday and I woke up late for work.  My hair was thrown into this 3-braid, braid.  It will absolutely be my go-to look this summer because it's super cute and super easy.  All you do is braid your hair into 3 separate braids, then braid the 3 braids into one braid.  It's messy, cute and effortless!  I've learned that effortless is a must for a mommy of a 2 year old!
Happy Monday everyone!

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