Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Baby Registry Essentials Part Two: Feeding

What and how I fed my baby was super important to me, so it took me awhile to do this post because I would only recommend the best of the best to you for your little sweetie!  And even though you probably won't register for some of these things, like the baby food pouches (because they have expiration dates)...they are great little gifts to put in a birthday basket for your little one's playmates, along with a bunch of other fun goodies!

Boppy Pillow with Organic Blend Slip Cover-  A Boppy is an absolute must have for the breastfeeding mama.  I adored my boppy and it's the number one thing I recommend to expectant mothers.  It was also nice to prop Kollyns up in and just stare at her pretty little face! :)
Medela Pump In Style Advanced with Extra Parts-  I had 2 pumps and this is the one I couldn't live without.  Contrary to the name, the carrying bag is anything but stylish...but it's so functional you won't care what it looks like! 
Lansinoh Storage Bags-  These were my favorite storage bags because they stacked nicely in my freezer and there's a space on them to write the date the milk was pumped as well as the ounces.  I don't remember them ever leaking either which is super important.  Breast milk was like pure gold to me and if the slightest bit had leaked out of a bag I probably would've cried.
Sharpie Fine Point Markers-  Sharpies are great for writing on milk storage bags and I always made sure to get pretty colors because I'm into that kind of stuff.
Lansinoh Lanolin Cream-  Dear sore milk makers, you're welcome.
Playtex Premium Nurser Bottles with Liners and NaturaLatch Nipples- We rarely used bottles after the 3rd month, but when we did...I loved the Playtex bottles with the drop ins.  I loved knowing I could push most of the air out, and I also loved being able to throw the liners away since we didn't have a dish washer.  I must say if we used bottles full time I would've probably used glass bottles because I think they are awesome and because it's better than throwing away a ton of plastic.
Boon GRASS Countertop Drying Rack-  So adorable and super functional.  Loved this.
Palmolive Baby Dishwashing Liquid - We mostly used this to wash pacifiers and toys, but obviously it's for bottles too if you are dishwasher-less like me.
Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads- Your boobs will thank you.  I wasn't a fan of cotton pads because they would stick to the dried up milk and my boobs would hurt even worse when I peeled them off. Yikes.
Mother's Milk Tea-  I was pretty paranoid about milk production since Kollyns was a breastmilk only baby.  Anytime I pumped less than usual I would drink 3 cups of this a day and my milk production would increase.  Maybe it was all in my head, maybe not.  But as far as I'm concerned it worked!
Cuisinart Baby Bottle Sterilizer-  I'm a super duper germaphobe, so this sterilizer maintained my peace of mind. 
Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker- For all you baby food makin' mama's...this gadget steam cooks in less than 15 minutes AND purees the fresh food.  I wish I had invented it.
Beaba First Stage Spoon Multi-Pack-  These are so cute and perfectly soft.
Beaba Multiportions Frozen Food Storage-  Loved popping the food right out of these!  And it's cute!
Ella's Kitchen Organic Food to Go-  For the days that you don't have time to bring along the freshly made food.  Bring these pouches along and your baby will be so so happy. 
My Brest Friend Extra Large Burp Cloths-  Burp cloths that do a good job cleaning up little messes and covering the breastfeeding baby.  This helped to spare me the strange looks in public from the people that totally don't understand the real reason God created boobs.

XoXo, Kelsey


~Jess~ said...

I found you through Tamara over at The Workout Mama and wanted to say "hi!" You pretty much have THEE cutest family ever! I can't wait to read through some of your posts! I love this one...we used many of the same products for feeding (my little girl turns ONE this week.....excuse me while I go sob!) I had a boppy but found the My Brest Friend pillow to work WONDERS. Like, it was pretty much sent directly from Heaven from Baby Jesus himself! LOL
Anyway, I just started following you through Bloglovin' and am so excited to have found you!

Kelsey Almond said...

HI! Thank you so much! I've never seen the My Brest Friend pillow! That sounds amazinggg! They grow up SO fast! Go ahead and sob girl, I definitely did on Kollyns' 1st AND 2nd birthdays! So bittersweet to watch them become more & more independent wahhh :'(. Thank you for following & I'm so glad you found me too! :)

Megan said...

Don't forget the HooterHider AKA nursing cover. LOL Alexi would whip a blanket off in 2 seconds and start playing with it :)

Kelsey Almond said...

After about the 6th month I adopted the "It's a boob, get over it" way of thinking. I never had a nursing cover, but I agree it's definitely something that the breastfeeding mama needs! :)