Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day

Father's Day is this Sunday so I feel it's appropriate to share how much love I have for the fathers in my life.   The relationship between a father and a daughter is so special and unique and SO important.  I am forever encouraging my husband to dote over our daughter and shower her with love because it's the example she will look to when the time comes for her to find a husband of her own.  Happy Father's Day to all of you wonderful Dad's out there and I hope you know how important you are in the lives of your children!

I can't even begin to describe the amount of love and respect I have for my dad.  He is the most amazing man that I have ever known and I'm so incredibly blessed that God chose him to take care of me and help mold me into who I am.  He has the kindest heart, and the sweetest spirit.  He has taught me so many things about life, the value of hard work, and earning respect by respecting others.   I remember as a kid I thought he was Superman, I thought he could fix anything that was broken, and I thought he did no wrong.  As an adult I still believe that he is Superman, I'm pretty sure he can fix anything that's broken, and I realize he has made mistakes...but I've never been able to find fault in the way he makes them right, accepts forgiveness and offers it back when he has been wronged.  I've always felt so loved by him and I've always found comfort and security in our sweet bond and strong daddy/daughter relationship.  And watching the love he has for my sweet Kollyns makes my heart so full I could burst.  I love you so much daddy, and as you know... I'm forever your little girl.



I hope everyone has a wonderful Father's Day weekend and pretty please do everything you can to honor your dads and let them know they are loved and appreciated!
xo, Kelsey


Areeba said...

Such lovely post gal! I have a little secret to share that nobody knows in this blogging world. I don't live with my real dad, I live with my step dad. But he is such amazing dad, maybe much better than my real one. I never tell anyone that he is step cause people get it in a bad way. I am glad to see someone like him in this post. Thanks for sharing :)

Kelsey Almond said...

Thanks for sharing your story Areeba! I hope y'all had a great Father's Day weekend! :)