Monday, June 10, 2013

Friday Flashbacks

So it's definitely Monday, and apparently Friday got away from me because I flopped on my Friday Flashbacks last week.  But who doesn't like a little taste of Friday on a Monday morning?  I do, I do!  Flashback almost six years ago to 2007 and you have 19 year old Liberty University, and 20 year old Devin who was traveling in the Nuclear service industry.  He asked me to marry him 3 days shy of my 20th birthday and with tears flowing and joy abounding, I was able to squeak out a "yes baby" from between my quivering, shocked lips.  We started dating when I was only 17, and I had absolutely no idea he would want to marry me that soon but I'm SO glad we were able to commit to one another that early in life.  Eight years and a baby later, I still love him more than anything and I can't imagine life without my Dev.  These photos were taken by Stone Blue Productions of Lynchburg, who also took my wedding photos!  They did an amazing job and perfectly captured our love and how excited we were to start our lives together. 




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