Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday's Letters [1]

Dear Friday:  We meet again.  And I only have one more Friday to go before we leave for the beach which makes me absolutely ecstatic.  Thank you for ever so faithfully rolling around every 7 days.  You are my favorite day.

Dear Beach:  I'm on my way in 8 short days.  I know you miss me, because I miss you.  A year is a long time to wait for a beach trip to roll back around.
[I can't even believe this picture was taken A YEAR ago!]

Dear Husband:  You work so hard and I'm so appreciative of everything you do to take care of our family.  But I don't love waking up to the 296452 Tupperware dishes you leave in the kitchen sink when you get home from work.  Which reminds can put a dishwasher in anytime you would like and I will love you forever.  Wait, I'm already going to love you forever.  But a dishwasher would be Ahh-mazing.  Also, we are closing in on our 5 year anniversary and my heart is so full of love for you I could pop.  Seriously.  I love you to the moon.  I'm a lucky girl.
Dear My Favorite Reality TV Shows:  I miss you.  I just don't have time to watch you anymore.  But I promise I have all of your episodes safe and sound waiting patiently on my DVR for my next free moment.  Which will probably be in November.  No wait, I'll be decorating for Christmas in November, so never mind.

Dear Hair:  You're welcome.  I finally broke down and cut two inches off of you and added a few layers.  Now you are lookin' so fresh.

Dear Kollyns:  You are officially Little Miss Independent.  You like to do everything on your own now and you rarely need my help.  You are beautiful and smart and we are going to have our hands so full when you become a teenager.  You really should stop growing up so fast because I'm getting baby fever.  Also I just want to apologize for passing down my lack of artistic ability.  See below.

[My Play-Doh Dog]
[Kollyns' Play-Doh Chicken]

Dear Daddy:  My heart melts when I watch you play with my little girl.  It reminds me of my Papa Teddy and I miss him so much!

Dear Baby FeverGO AWAY!  Until like 2 years from now.  Then you can come back.  Maybe. ;)

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Ashlea with an a said...

oh her chicken is adorable! I can totally relate to the no dishwasher thing, Ive gone for years without having one...finally he broke down about 6 months ago! good luck!