Thursday, June 13, 2013

I've come to realize (link up)...

I've come to realize...

...that Tazo Chai is my latest obsession, and it will be an obsession of mine for quite sometime.
...that even laundry is fun when you are drinking a cup of coffee and watching Good Morning America while folding it.
...that everything eventually works out just as it should.
...that everything tastes better in my chevron double walled tumbler, especially water.
...everything sounds cuter when it comes from the mouth of my 2 year old, even not so cute words.
...that I wish I could grow watermelon and cantaloupe in my backyard because I could eat it before, during and after every meal.
... I'm not a fan of cooking inside during the warm, summer months... and I'm confident in my ability to grill everything from pizza to dessert just so I don't have to.
...every outfit looks more summer-y when you put your hair in some type of braid.  This is my #1 fave.  And this morning I discovered the easiest twisty braid ever.  Take two pieces of hair, twist, and secure. Easy peasy.

...that I can't live without Vaseline Spray & Go Cocoa Radiant Moisturizer.  Putting on lotion has never been this fun.
...nude nails never go out of style and work perfectly on both mama & baby!  Can't go wrong with Essie Limo-Scene
...that it makes me sick to make a purchase unless I have some sort of coupon or discount code. parents are amazing for letting me use their home gym every day of my life (see below), because it's flipping amazing and I can bring Kollyns with me.  Also, the Under Armour sports bra that I have on in the picture (that you can barely see) is an absolute must have in my gym bag.

...that life is so much more fun when you look at it from a position of optimism.  You can find a little bit of good in just about anything.


Amy said...

Hi! New follower via the Mama link up. You have an adorable blog! Excited to follow along!

I second that laundry can even be fun with coffee & GMA! :) The rest of your list is awesome, too! :)

Amy @ keepin' up with the Smith's

Whitney Harness said...

Would LOVE to have that workout gym, so nice! Visiting from the linkup on Fawn Over Baby! :)
Life Alaskan Style

Lena Voth said...

I miss folding laundry while watching Good Morning America! They don't have that show over here in Japan surprisingly. ;) I too wish I could grow watermelon to eat all day long! I ate one watermelon a day during my pregnancy once they became in season- just cut it in half, sat it on my belly and scooped it out with a spoon! YUM!

Thanks for linking up to the Mom-lovin Blog Hop so I could find your great blog! Cute name too!


Kelsey Almond said...

Thank you!!! GMA makes the mornings AWESOME! :)
xo, Kelsey

Kelsey Almond said...

It is so convenient! I'm very thankful for it! Love meeting linkup friends! :)
xo, Kelsey

Kelsey Almond said...

Mornings without GMA would be hard for me to adjust to! So awesome that you are in Japan! Can't wait to read more from your blog! I craved apples when I was pregnant thank goodness, because watermelons weren't in season! ;)
xo, Kelsey

Holly said...

I agree - life is much more fun when you're an optimist! And holy home gym! I am sooooo jealous and I need to build an amazing home gym one day just like this! You lucky duck! I too am a bargain shopper and always look for coupons and sales!

Thank you so much for linking up!

Kelsey Almond said...

Oh it is so nice being able to workout without the distractions and wait time that comes with a regular gym! When we build a new home I have every intention of building an amazing one myself! :)