Friday, June 7, 2013

Mama + Mini: Matching Nails

We love a good rainy night, and last night was definitely one of those.  I skipped my workout (gasp), and decided to have a girl's bonding night with Kollyns.  She loves getting her nails done, and regularly tells me when she needs a fresh pediture pedicure.  We headed to CVS smack dab in the middle of a torrential downpour.  Kollyns actually enjoyed getting soaked, me...not so much.  We had some extrabucks (ChaChing!), so it wasn't quite as nauseating investing $30 into nail products as it normally would be for me!  But you just can't put a price on girl time!

Revlon Colorstay (010) Clear Coat.  Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in White.  Revlon Colorstay (110) Marmalade, Essie Limo-Scene
I didn't use the Essie polish in these photos, but it's my all time favorite natural nail color so I thought I should share! :)
She was totally not cooperating for the camera, but I'm loving her little messy bun.
And this my friends, is what rain does for my hair.  A hot, frizzy mess.  This photo also gives you a tiny glimpse inside my office complete with Melissa & Doug alphabet magnets on my filing cabinet!
PS, I told her to show the camera my manicure and she decided to eat my finger instead.  She isn't a morning person, especially when it's rainy.
Yay for Friday!


Ariel Eishen said...

Too cute! It's things like this that make me CONSIDER trying for a third just to see if I can get a girl. ;) Love your blog! I'm your newest follower. :)

Kelsey Almond said...

Thank you for following! Love yours too! Oh goodness, I'm still praying about whether or not we should even try for a #2! Kollyns keeps us in high gear 24/7! I love it, but the thought of 2 intimidates me! :) But I must say little girls are SO much fun! :))