Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Random Recap

I know what you're starting to think.  That I'm like, the queen of excuses when it comes to my blog.  I love this blog so much and I wish I had more time to invest but sometimes I just fall short and life gets too crazy.  I have some serious catching up to do since last week.  But I'm up for it, and I hope you are too! 

So where do I start?  I have NO idea.  Which is why this post is going to be incredibly random and in no particular order.

First thing's first:  I fell down the steps last week.  Like all the way down 13 hardwood steps.  It hurt so bad and my thought process went as follows: 

1.  "Oh my gosh, I'm so glad I did my squats yesterday because my back will probably be sore after this."
2.  "Ouch, I wonder if anything is broken...I'm scared to move."
3.  "Maybe I should scream for Devin"  "DEVINNN, I fell down the steps!!" (as I roll around in a ball at the bottom of the steps because everything hurts)
4.  Devin falls trying to get out of the bed, gets to the top of the steps and says "Oh, I thought you had Kollyns in your arms" and turns around and goes back to bed.  I'm just going to assume he was sleep walking, otherwise that response is just not acceptable.  I still haven't let him live that one down.
5.  I realize I'm not hurt and burst out laughing because I'm replaying this whole hilarious series of events in my head and I couldn't help myself. 

So there's the bad that happened this week.  And I'm still thanking the good Lord for sparing me serious injury during that fall.  That could've been tragic. 

So then something really awesome happened....we received an offer on our house!  We accepted and after 3 1/2 months on the market, our house is UNDER CONTRACT.  I'm praying that everything works out and the sale goes through if that is what God has planned for us, because as always...He knows what's best!

So that's all for the heavy stuff.  On a lighter note...

Kollyns is newly obsessed with 4-wheelers, tractors, lawn mowers, and anything else that she can "ride".  She loves to ride!  She used to be terrified of large, loud things but now she is in love and I can tell she is a country girl in the making.

As always, we had arts and crafts time this week and unlike the other times, I let her squirt the paint onto the paper.  Cool moms let their kids use as much paint as they want.  And this cool mom ended up with one heck of a mess to clean up.

AE had a ridiculously good sale.  I mean like better than good.  And I don't buy things unless they are on sale.  I racked up on all of these goodies for under $80.  This was the best form of medicine for my fall.  A good deal makes everything better.

I can't get enough of neon workout shorts.  I just can't.

Kollyns slept until 11:30 am last Saturday morning which gave me time to do a butt load of chores AND paint my nails.  It was like a little 3 hour Saturday morning mom-cation.

And when she finally woke up she made a dash for her new Doc McStuffins rolling backpack that she bought with one of her gift cards leftover from her birthday.  But a week and a half later, I must tell you that the thing is stuffed in a corner in her playroom.  She will discover it again next month and it will be just like new!    

Ready for church, and looking so beautiful!

  And she knows it.

I'm loving this side French braid pulled into a bun too.  That was one of my "I didn't have time to wash my hair this morning so I'll be rocking a braid" looks this week.

My new favorite smoothie combination is spinach, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, coconut water and ice!  It turns out a funky green color but it is so good!  I felt healthier with every sip.

But I mean a healthy smoothie for breakfast means ice cream in the evening right?  Of course it does.  Kollyns and I feel the same way about a vanilla cone.

And I can't even believe it is almost August!  So Kollyns jumps in the pool every chance she gets so we can take full advantage of these hot summer days!

I know that was a lot. 

But if that wasn't enough...here are my favorite songs this week:
Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips on Grooveshark Proof of Your Love by for KING & COUNTRY on Grooveshark Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore on Grooveshark      photo signature_zps07c7bb75.png


alex said...

I love your new tank tops! And yes, I also have neon running shorts, they're awesome:) I love your blog, so colorful!

Kelsey Almond said...

Thanks Alex! xoxo