Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday's Letters: Anniversary Edition

IT'S OUR 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!?!  How is it possible that 5 years have gone by that fast?  My oh my how we have grown during the years we have been together.  We have had some of the most amazing times together and some moments that we both had to learn from, but my heart is so full of love for this man that I could pop.

Seriously, I'm still as crazy about him as I was when we started dating.  We are each other's polar opposite and that's what caused the crazy attraction we have for each other.  I mean we couldn't be anymore different, but we are completely drawn to one another in every single way.  It's a pretty awesome thing to marry someone that you're so into that the new love feeling never goes away.  [Do you have a toothache yet?  I mean from taking in all of this sweetness, ha.]  I pour prayers of protection over our marriage and our commitment to one another every single day of my life.  My dream is that no matter what life throws our way we will fight through it together and be sitting by the river when we are 70 in rocking chairs watching our grandbabies play still just as in love as we are now.

Now for my letters...

Dear Friday, you really couldn't get any more amazing because my anniversary is today.  That is all.

Dear husband, I love being married to you.  You're like the hottest guy ever and you're mine.  I'm so lucky.  And I still have the biggest crush on you, and I'm positive I will still be crushin' on you when we are old.  I look forward to 50+ more years with you and everything that they bring because I'm in your corner and you're in mine and we make the best team.  Thanks for being my best friend and for being so dang amazing.  I'm so excited for our date tonight.  SO flippin' excited.  PS the love notes you left me all through the house this morning made my day!

Dear closet,  please have something cute in it for me to wear for my date with my husband. 

Dear Kollyns, mommy is going to miss you so much tonight when I go on a date with daddy.  But you will have so much fun with your Nanny Shawnee you probably won't miss me one bit.

Dear Mom,  you should probably take a nap before Kollyns the tornado hits your house tonight.  I have the funniest, sweetest, most beautiful child in the world but I'll be the first to admit she is a wild one.

Dear blog readers, I have been kind of slacking lately and I'm sorry!  You deserve so much better.  I promise I won't be such a bad blogger in the weeks to come!  Here's one of my favorite OOTD from this week since I haven't been posting many of those lately.
Green Top:  [H&M]
Jeans:  [AE]
And now for some wedding photos because it's absolutely appropriate that I post wedding photos on my anniversary. 

More wedding photos will be up tomorrow!  My wedding had so many beautiful details and I just have to share!  Our anniversary seems like the perfect weekend to do so!
This was like the most random blog post ever.  Thank you for loving me through my randomness.
And just to add even more chaos to this page here are my favorite songs this week.
Workout Jam 

Sweet Song


Claire Carwile said...

I love it! I'm getting married in September, and this gives me so much hope for 5 years down the road!
Your photos are beautiful.
Happy Anniversary! :)

Kelsey Almond said...

That is great, congratulations! 5 years will go by in a blink so enjoy every moment! & Thank you so much! :)

Megan said...

Devin has the neatest handwriting I've ever seen from a man! Happy Anniversary Friend :)

Elise said...

Happy anniversary! That's so sweet that he left you love notes all over your place :) This post reminded me of my hubby and I. We, too, are polar opposites and honestly, I think it works better for us than if we were "totally compatible." Sometimes compatibility is overrated! ;-)

Kelsey Almond said...

He really does when he takes his time! :)) Thanks pretty mama!!!

Kelsey Almond said...

I agree! Keeps everything interesting! :)) Thank you so much Elise!

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