Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

My mind has been in a million directions lately from having our home under contract, to figuring out what the next step is for our family. 

This is my "Oh snap, what now?" face.  Although I was super excited to see the Sale Pending sign in my front yard.

We have picked out a home that we love that's for sale, but if that doesn't go through...we will be building a home.  Has anyone ever built a home?  If so, HELP!!!  I really don't know where to start and I am totally and completely overwhelmed.  From choosing land to choosing a house plan and figuring out exactly what I want on the inside and outside of my home, I'm mentally exhausted.  It's all super exciting, but nerve-racking at the same time.  We don't want a big home, but we do want around a 2000sqft top of the line house.  I will keep updating you on our journey, but for now we are just sifting through about 546789 house plans and trying to get our ideas in order! 

I also found out this week that I can shop online at H&M!  My inner fashionista was back flipping when I heard this news.  This is not good since I'm taking a personal shopping hiatus for the next 6 months in the interest of saving money.  They do have kid's clothing though, so I will get my shopping fix via Kollyns' wardrobe.  While I'm on the topic of H&M...this is my favorite outfit from last week.  You might remember this lace top from H&M that I shared in a post several weeks back.  I paired it with skinny jeans and Toms last week for a completely different look.  Oh H&M, I love you so.

And yeah, about that saving money thing...Devin and I have really good jobs, and if we see something we want...we buy it.  But  I LOVE to save money...and in the past we have been able to save a lot and spend, which is such a blessing.  But since we will be buying a home that's quite a bit more expensive than our current home... we have decided to put our saving money tactics into overdrive.  We have both committed to this, and I'm so excited about it!  If anyone has great saving tips and tricks I would love to hear them so please do share! ;)  The grocery store is where we spend most of our money though, and if you haven't noticed my husband is like a real life version of the Hulk, so it will be quite the challenge for me to cut our grocery bill in half but I'm super ready to take it on.  Stay tuned.

And now for the sweet, beautiful part of this post.  Have I mentioned lately just how awesome our kid is?  She is.  She really is.  She makes life so much fun.

I'm so in love with her little pigtails, and these bows from Target make them that much cuter!

We went to the river on Sunday and she had the best time.  It was the first time she had ever held a fishing pole...and I'm certain it won't be the last!  She's our sassy little country girl. 

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