Friday, December 27, 2013

A Merry Little Christmas

Christmas is so near and dear to my heart.  I love my family so much and I get to spend so much time with them, but most importantly I love Jesus and He is the sweetest gift I have ever I really love celebrating His birthday.  We had a blast this week, and I hope you and your family had a Merry little Christmas as well.

Santa brought Nanny Shawnee a Baby Grand Piano.  Very merry.

A few of my favorite girls.

Christmas morning.  When Kollyns finally woke up and realized that Santa had dropped off the bouncy house that she has been drooling over for 2 months, she dashed for FinLee because she really needed a jumping partner.  I love that this captured my dad and brother in the background too, love them.

Daddy worked night shift this week, so he got home just in time to enjoy what Santa brought Kollyns! 

Kollyns' grandparents gave her this adorable mini-set of corn hole boards.  Handprints and footprints on one board, and signed messages from her parents and grandparents on the other.  Priceless.

This Brookstone Sandbox was by far my favorite present of Kollyns'.  I think I've had my hands in it since the day she opened it up.

Santa knew Kollyns would want to be like her Nanny Shawnee, so he brought her a Melissa and Doug starter piano.

These finger crayons are just freakin' awesome.  I think I love them as much as Kollyns does.

The plasma car was a win. Kollyns and I have had so much fun on this thing.  Except for the first time I got on it after I tried to assemble it.  I was bragging to Devin about the 200lb weight limit, jumped on it and the right front wheel flew off and I fell off of it.  Needless to say, I'll let daddy handle the toy construction from here on out.

And 2 days after Santa came, the bounce house is still a hit.  But Kollyns has informed me that it has to stay in the middle of the living room forever.  This could be a dilemma.

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