Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kels Every Day 2014: Week 1

I have been inspired by many other bloggers to use Insta to capture one positive moment from each day of the year.  It has been fun looking back on our week, so I can only imagine how awesome it will be when the year comes to an end and we have an entire year of photos to reflect on and enjoy! 

I brought in the New Year with my favorite girl because of course daddy had to work!

One of my favorite parts of each day is that I get to spend every moment with my KollyBelle.  I love that I can bring her to work with me!  She is already the boss! :)
Our date nights are few and far between, but when we have them we enjoy them.  Kollyns spent the night with Nanny and Papa, and mommy and daddy rented a room.  Bowchickawowow.  Keeping the love alive.

The next night we had a family date night.  Kollyns was set on ordering a cheese quesadilla at a Japanese restaurant.  She wouldn't touch her chicken and rice...and at midnight she tapped me on the shoulder and asked for a peanut butter sandwich.  Of course.   

Sunday snuggles after church are my absolute favorite!  Especially when it's super gloomy like it was this past weekend. 

This week started off cold as all get out.  I mean it was ridic.  We bundled up good and headed to work on Monday.

Tuesday it was colder than cold.  The county schools were even closed.  Even though I strongly believe I should get honorary days off when they are closed because I have a teaching degree, I still went to work.  So instead of dragging Kollyns to work in single digit temps, I dropped her off with her Nanny Shawnee and she stayed in her jammies all day long and played.  Oh to be a kid again and spend the whole day at Nanny's house.  Lucky girl.

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