Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kels Every Day 2014: Week 2

Wednesday started off absolutely great because we got to work and my little cousin MarLee was there!  Mar is so sweet to KollyBelle, and Kollyns just loves spending time with her! :)

Thursday night we went to Red Lobster with a party of 12.  It took us 1 hour and 20 minutes to get seated (mehhh), but at least I had some quality time with my best friend and her nephew while we waited for our table.  

We left work early on Friday.  It was a super nasty day so I thought a movie date was appropriate and we headed up to the mall to see Frozen. Such a good movie, I was totally impressed.  But Kollyns wasn't as impressed, and if we hadn't had the theater to ourselves, we probably wouldn't have made it through the last 20 minutes.  She did pretty well for her first movie, but I think she needs a little more age on her before we try again.  And as a reward for her somewhat good behavior, she played at Bounce About for a good 30 minutes, she is so into bounce houses.  She loves that place.

Saturday night we headed up to New London Steakhouse to have dinner with the fam.  That place is delish.

Sunday I had Children's Church and my cutie cousins helped me out with it.  Love these two.

And after teaching my Sunday School class and Children's church and chasing Kollyns through the grocery store for an hour as I attempted to get my shopping done for the week... I had zero energy.  I made myself put on workout clothes and went straight to the gym.  After I worked out, I had crazy energy again.  Yesss.
This girl loves her daddy.  And moments like this make mama glow.

Tuesday was a funky day, but that didn't stop Kollyns from posing for a little mini photo shoot.  She loves having pictures taken of her about as much as I love taking them. 


abigail louise said...

you are darling!!

Kelsey Almond said...

As are you. :)

Amazing Jumps said...

Party doesn't come everyday in your life. It comes your life for awhile. So make your party memorable and enjoyable with a bounce house.