Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kels Every Day 2014: Week 3

This kid has my whole heart.

Sometimes we like to match.  And sometimes, she is way too prissy for her own good.

Friday I ventured to the vet with these two pups and Kollyns.  I got there only to realize I had one leash.  Imagine holding a kid and a dog while trying to hold onto the leash and a purse as an angry pit bull in the waiting room is trying to lunge at us.  Everyone at the vet got quite the show that day.

There's nothing cuter than a blue eyed girl in a blue jean jacket.

Sunday after church!  We were both ready for a nap.

Kollyns will be so ready for preschool this fall. 

I can't even believe we finally got some snow Tuesday night.  Devin, Kollyns and I piled into the hunting truck and rode back roads for hours.  Clearly it didn't excite her nearly as much as it excited us. :)

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