Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kels Every Day: Week 4

Happy Wednesday y'all.  If you follow me on Instagram and you follow my blog, I'm sorry to bombard you with double photos of my little fam via my #KelsEveryDay2014 Insta-obsession.  But I'm not that sorry because I'm going to be ridiculously happy when 2014 is over and I have all of these to look back on.  And I can't even believe that week 4 of 2014 is already over!  It's almost February, which means it's almost Kollyns' birthday month, which means she is almost three. I can't even.
Snow days in VA don't come around too often so I'm a wimp when it comes to driving in it, therefore I make my husband drive me to work on snow days.  And he gets so excited about snow, he even woke up that morning and cooked me breakfast...which explains my ridiculously happy face.   

Oh, we are way past Kollyns letting me paint her nails.  She paints her own now.  Beautiful.

It has been so extremely cold lately.  Which is why my kid is bundled up like an eskimo.

A BFF mini shopping trip was much needed on Saturday...

during which I bought this absolutely perfect devotional book Jesus Calling. Sunday morning wasn't exactly a chart topper, and this is what I opened the book to before church.  The Lord really does  have impeccable timing when he reveals things to me.    

I loved watching her make Valentines for the people she loves.  She put serious thought into the bedazzling of these precious cards.

And lo & behold another little snow came through yesterday.  I managed to snap this right before it started to fall.  Because this little cutie in leopard, denim & riding boots is just too stunning for words. ;) 

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