Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Miss Priss Had A Party

So we had a teeny tiny little family party for Kollyns' birthday this weekend.  And I have to admit that I bought all of the stuff from Party City and Target gasp.  Not one single thing was from Etsy, Shop Sweet Lulu or a fancy party shop.  I know, so shameful.  But we had just as much fun making ice cream sundaes in our pink and blue plastic party cups as we would have if we had wooden spoons,  fancy paper cups and stripey straws. (Isn't it like mommy blogger code that stripey straws must accompany every occasion? Woops.)  But don't worry, I redeemed myself because I made this pretty three layer cake all by myself and it actually tasted good too.  That's one point for Kels y'all!

The party was so much fun, and Kollyns enjoyed opening the clothes more than the toys.  Atta girl! 
Then she gave us all a mini fashion show.  I love my kid.


[If you're wondering why my husband is wearing dirty jeans to the party, it's because as usual he had to work and had just walked in the door.  I swear I do laundry.]

I was thrilled that my cake was pretty and didn't fall apart when I cut it.  Because I just knew it was gonna.

I love my daddy.

My pretty mama and aunt.

Kollyns' 6 grandmas all in a row.


In other news, I drove past our land yesterday and there was actually a bulldozer there digging!  We have a construction entrance and a silt fence people!  And today they were digging a hole in the ground for the basement.  Is this real life?  We bought our land one, two, three, four, five months ago.  And we are finally actually starting on our home!  You know I'll be blogging about our new house like it's my job as it's constructed. So if you don't wanna read about all of my excitement, close your eyes.  Because oh, I'm excited.


sara said...

Yay for a successful cake! I need to start practicing, I think, for my daughter's first bday in May... I'm rather baking-challenged. Looks like it was a fun time -- and congrats on home progress :)

Laura Marie Keenan said...

I just found your blog & I'm do happy I did! I love your daughter's name, and she is adorable!

Hillary Quinn said...

That cake is amazing big props mama! I love that Kollyns gave you a fashion show and was more excited about the clothes haha. What mama wouldn't love that? ;) Can't wait to read about your progress with building your home! We're looking for a new house and have dreams to build. Just hate that it takes so long... I'm not a patient person at all. I want things done like yesterday.


Kelsey Almond said...

Yes I did quite the little happy dance when I cut into that thing. You can do it mama...get your bake on! ;) We did have fun! Always less pressure when it's just family! :) And thank you so much! That hole in the ground has been a long time coming so I'm jumping for joy over here! xoxo

Kelsey Almond said...

Awww thanks so much! :))

Kelsey Almond said...

Thanks girl! I was beyond proud of that cake, and Kollyns helped me make it so that made it even sweeter!Yay I'm so glad you want to read my house stuff because I know I will ramble my heart out about it! I'm right there with ya...this whole process of building has already taught me so much patience and we have only just begun. Muah!