Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why do bloggers blog?

So, there are...Mommy Bloggers, Wifey Bloggers, Wifey Bloggers Who Are Annoyed by Mommy Bloggers, Single Bloggers Who Are Annoyed by Mommy and Wifey Bloggers, Fashion Bloggers, Foodie Bloggers, Bloggers with 50,000 Followers for No Apparent Reason, Lifestyle Bloggers, Beauty Bloggers, Random Bloggers, Rip Off Bloggers [aka unoriginal bloggers], and the list goes on and on and on.

And I don't know their reasons for blogging, although I'm sure they are great. 

But I do know why I blog.

[Be forewarned, the number of times I use the word 'blog' in this blog post is probably going to get on your last nerve.]

I didn't realize how huge the blogging community is until my second year of blogging at Beautiful Life (my pregnancy blog turned 'letters to Kollyns' blog) and I quickly became overwhelmed, and extremely intimidated.  Then I started questioning myself and developing 'blogginsecurities' [yep, that was my horrible attempt at combining the words 'blogging & insecurities'].  Was I writing about the right things?  Why was my blog design so 'blah looking' compared to everyone else's?  Are there actually bloggers that walk around with professional photographers just to capture their daily outfits for fashion posts?  Does every mom in the blogging community dress their kids like they walked right out of a JCrew magazine?  Will I be accepted?  Are there bloggy cliques and mean girls? Because I freakin' cannot deal with mean people, they get on my nerves. Will people think I'm interesting?  Will people think I suck?  Why do some really crappy blogs have a million followers, while there are some really great blogs with like no followers?  Why the eff would I want to put my life on display for the world to see, am I crazy?

After all of these ridiculous questions flooded my mind, I felt guilty for spending time even thinking about it because life isn't about blogging, it's about living.

So why am I a blogger? 

Well I'm not....
...blogging for followers, obviously.  Because I have like 2.  Glad I don't take that personally.
...blogging for approval or popularity, because I'm seriously like the lowest blog on the totem pole here and if I took the amount of comments I receive to heart I would probably quit blogging like, yesterday.
...blogging for likes, pins or so you will think my life is perfect because it's far from that.

I blog because I love it.  I love telling stories about my hilarious kid, and breaking my life down into blog posts so I can one day remember what has been.

It's my outlet to ramble about my awesome kid, my workouts, my weekends, my vacations and just random stuff that I want to remember about my life.  My, my, MY.  It sounds so selfish, it sounds narcissistic, it sounds self-centered.  But it's not. 

There's a certain amount of humility that accompanies sharing your life with the world.  I know that there are mom's out there that are far better than I am.  I know that there are wives out there that are better. I know there are better writers, wittier bloggers, more talented website designers, and much more interesting content in the blogging world than what you will find on here.  But I'm giving you a front row seat to my life anyway.  I know that I'm no where near the best, and to some of you I'm probably so boring that you are falling asleep reading this. WAKE UP.  But I try to be the best I can be.  And there's something in me that hopes I can inspire someone with my simple life and the love that explodes from the depths of my soul for my Savior, and for my husband & daughter, & my family.

I'm humbled that someone who doesn't know me might want to know my story and read about my life.  I'm humbled when I can help someone or encourage and inspire someone to find joy in every part of this beautiful, crazy life.

And I'm completely humbled when I see the blessings and sweet moments all in one place, here on my blog, instead of having to dig them out of my memory someday when my memory is too far gone to remember half of it.  It's a daily reminder that I'm blessed with so much more than I deserve.

I won't lose anything that I've posted on here, and I won't forget it either.  Kollyns can look back at this someday and know how much she is loved.  She will know how much I've loved her from the day I knew I was carrying her.

I love my blog, and I love sharing my life with the people that love reading about it.  The beauty of a blog is:  if you don't want to read it and you think I'm totally and completely annoying...you don't have to. 

And don't worry, If I find you boring or annoying...I won't read yours either.

But if you happen to love me, feel free to stalk the living shiznit out of my blog...because I love you too. 


Megan said...

I stalk your blog :)

Kelsey Almond said...

And I love you for it. ;)

Amy Kruszec said...

I stalk your blog too, and yes, your blog is very inspiring! :)

Kelsey Almond said...

Thanks Amy! You're so sweet! Stalk away!!! :))

Emily said...

"bloggers with 50,000 followers for no apparent reason" hahaha. Yes.
I loved this! It's so true. I think when you weed through the annoying as fk bloggers who don't give a shit about anything their greedy self, that's when you find the great bloggers. Like yourself. Doing it for reasons none other than to share your most favorite things & special moments with whoever cares. Great post, loved it!

PS i'm taking your button & you can't stop me!

Eva Marie Taylor said...

I love this, Kelsey!! My husband challenged me a few weeks ago about why bloggers blog. He said true writers write (whether a novel or a blog) because they would be dying inside if they didn't write. I write because it's fun. It's another creative release. I'm not always funny, and I'm not always inspiring with a faith story...but sometimes I am. I just want to be me, and if anyone takes interests in me, then I am humbled!
Eva Marie

Hillary Quinn said...

I love this post! And I've really enjoyed reading all about you Kelsey so I say keep it up ;) You're not writing for anyone else but yourself.. that's what makes a great blog, at least in my book.

Kelsey Almond said...

Once again, I freakin love you.

Kelsey Almond said...

Thank you so much! & I am right there with you, it's so much fun! Always best to stay true to ourselves! ;)

Kelsey Almond said...

Thank you Hillary! I've loved getting to know you via blog world...you inspire me. :)

Manhattan Image and Style said...

Great post sweetie! You have a very inspiring blog!

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Shelly said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I absolutely love this post! I, too, am a small blogger and I often get the "why do you blog" question. I do not have a huge following and I am ok with that. My blog is a way for me to preserve memories of my little family. This is such an inspiring post!

Kelsey Almond said...

Exactly! As long as we are blogging for the right reasons there is purpose and meaning in what we write no matter how many people actually read the posts! :)