Monday, March 24, 2014

An Unlikely Love: The beginning

I'm telling our story, not because it's an interesting one...but so I can remember it.

Here it goes...

He was everything I knew I didn't need to want.  He had a reputation that should have made me run a hundred miles per hour in the opposite direction.  A stereotypical "Mr. Popular" in every sense of the term.  Quarterback, Homecoming King, blonde hair, blue eyes, partier, and wilder than your average eighteen year old.   I thought I hated him.  He was a cocky, arrogant player as far as I could tell.  For reasons I could never entertain, he made just about every girl in our school weak in the knees, but his charm never phased me.  Especially in Math Analysis when he slid his chair next to mine and smoothly asked to copy my answers.  I rolled my eyes and promptly asked the teacher to move him across the room, which she did.    I was his opposite...honest to a fault.  I wouldn't even chew gum in class because I was scared to death of getting caught.  I was never late and if I missed an assignment it made me sick to the stomach.  I think I went to two football games throughout my entire high school career.  I was boring, predictable and preferred my pajamas to cute little outfits on any given day.  I wasn't popular, but I was well-known as a "good girl".  Just standing next to Devin Almond in the hallway would have made me feel like I was tarnishing my squeaky clean reputation.  

Don't ask me why, but every now and then I would let my mind go there.  I would bump into him in the halls and for about two quick seconds I would wonder what it would be like to date a guy like him.  Then I would shake it off like a bad habit because I knew he was out of reach for me.  Not because I didn't think I deserved him, but because I could never really justify him deserving me.  From what I had heard he had always treated everyone he dated like complete crap, and I'm not about that life.  I was way above having any guy making me look like a fool, I was perfectly capable of that all by myself.   After all, I fell down the cafeteria stairs and tripped over my own feet on a regular basis.  And for reasons I won't get into, I shouldn't have even been thinking about him at all.

But for a period of time I couldn't help it.  Something about him made my mind begin to go to that place I hated for it to go.  I would randomly run into him at school in places he normally wouldn't be, I would pull up at the one main stop light we have in our town and he would be right there in his black mustang waving me out into the road ahead of him.  Certain songs would come on the radio and I would just start to think about him.  I barely knew him, and my mind just kept going there.  But before I could even wrap my head around where my mind was drifting off to, I would slam that door shut.  I knew better.  Girls like me didn't date guys like him.  I would be setting myself up for heartbreak.  I convinced myself that the thought wasn't even worth entertaining because we would never work.  Even worse,  I probably had never even crossed that boy's mind and here he had pulled up a permanent seat in my head. 

So I dropped it.  Time passed and I didn't think twice about him. 

And we finally made it to the end of our Senior year.  We all loaded into the buses in alphabetical order to head to the local 4H campground for our pre-graduation picnic.  My friend Ashley and I were on the same bus and spent the ride looking through our yearbooks and getting excited about graduating and leaving ACHS in the past.  It was a great day spent with people that I knew I would miss when that final bell rang, but Devin wasn't one of them.  He hadn't crossed my mind since I permanently booted him from it.  The day came to a close and they were rounding everyone up at the pool area to load into the buses and head back to the school.  I was standing next to the pool and someone came up from behind me, wrapped their arms around my chest and swiftly jerked me to the edge of the concrete and threatened to throw me in.  It was him.  Shirtless and looking like something that had the potential to destroy me.  I fought him off before he even came close to letting me go, locked eyes with him and we both started laughing.  That's when I felt something and there was no going back from there.  I didn't care about anything but getting closer to him.

The bus arrived back at the school, I jumped in my silver Honda and drove straight home completely dazed and confused about what I had just felt.  And I felt a twinge of sickness in my gut because I knew he probably didn't feel the same way.  No sooner did I walk in the house, the phone rang.  "Hey Kelsey, it's Devin...I've been thinking about you."  Apparently while I was on the way home, Devin had already called Ashley and gotten my number.  I couldn't breathe. be continued.
If you would like to follow along, a link to the rest of the story (as it is written) is in the sidebar or you can click here!

[Writing this as a 26 year old feels so weird and high school-y.  But I still remember exactly how I felt in those moments, and it's pretty fun re-living it as I tell it.  The purpose of writing this is so I can still feel this way and remember it as I tell this very same story when my husband and I are sitting on the riverbank rocking in our chairs 50 years from now.  Thanks for bearing with me. :)]


sara {rhapsody and chaos} said...

Aw, this is so sweet! I love knowing already that you guys have a happy ending :)

Kelsey Almond said...

Thank you Sara! :)

Megan said...

I remember walking to and from the drink machines with you in the cafeteria because you were afraid you would fall down LOL Good times :)

Kelsey Almond said...

Haha! True story! You were always there to catch me and my two left feet! ;) This brings back memories of our library period too. Oh em gee...our lives turned out so differently than we expected! :)

Megan said...

They sure did! Miss Most Likely to Succeed is a part time nurse with 2 kids LOL You are still Best Dressed with a white picket fence...Just different people living inside ;)

Kelsey Almond said...

That is too funny! I wouldn't have it any other way and I know you feel the same way! I miss you and those girls. We pretty much suck at getting together and letting them hang out and play! :( Must change that.

Hillary Quinn said...

My heart has been fluttering through this post for you.. all good relationships come when you least expect them. At least that's what I've learned. LOVE this so much!

Kelsey Almond said...

So sweet Hill, thank you. I was nervous about putting this story out there because it seems so immature and high-school-like. But the truth is our love was immature and high school like when it started, so it would feel wrong to pretend that it wasn't. ;) It was fun back then, but I must say I'm glad we are grown ups now. lol!