Monday, March 3, 2014


Much to my dismay and surprise, my husband recently came home from work with a new addition to our family.  A Redbone Coonhound named Copper.  We already have two small dogs so I might have pitched a little bit of a fit when he introduced me to this new mouth to feed pet.  Once he told me the story about how Copper's owner no longer wanted him because he was "no good" at coon hunting, I started to feel bad for the little fella.  Devin brought him to the door on a leash and he immediately cowered as if he thought I was going to hit him instead of pet him.  He was afraid of me, and my heart started to break because it made me wonder how he was treated before Devin saved him.  From that point forward I have loved that dog as much as I love my two that sleep in the bed with us at night.  Even though he is a hunting dog, he has quickly turned into one of our pets and Kollyns' new best friend.  With a little love and attention, he has become the most loving dog & pretty good at hunting too.  Last night I started thinking about the lessons I've learned over the years from the many dogs we have owned and loved.  Dogs have the simplest, most carefree lives and we can really learn a lot from them. Like...
Even the little moments are worth celebrating.  When we get home our dogs jump, bark, and spin around in excitement just because we're at home.  They have their own little celebration every single time we open the front door. 
Appreciate the presence of the ones you love.  My dogs are so content when we are home.  They curl up with us under a blanket, and will lay there for hours in complete peace and quiet because they are just so happy that we are with them in that moment.  They appreciate us just being there.  How often do we take those moments for granted with our loved ones?   
Unconditional love is the best kind.  My dogs love me to pieces no matter what I look like or how much attention I've given them that day.  They don't expect anything in return for the love they give us.  It's really quite sweet when you think about it.
Forgive quickly.  When our dogs get punished for doing something they aren't supposed to, they immediately forget about it and jump into our arms for more love.  They never ever hold grudges.  Because after all, the grudge only hurts the one holding onto it anyway.
Be trusting when it's earned, even if you've been hurt before.  It's obvious Copper has been hurt in the past, but it only took a week for us to earn his trust.  Now he gets excited when he sees us instead of running away.  He doesn't let his past affect his love for his new family because he has allowed himself to trust that we will treat him how he should be treated.  How many who have been hurt open that door back up so easily?  Not many.
Be loyal.  If given the choice all of our dogs would choose us every single time.  They are loyal to the ones who take care of them and they will be that way until the end.
Protect the ones you love.  Enough said.  It comes so naturally to them to take care of and protect us.  We should all be this way about our families.
Drop everything and play.  If you open the door to play and run outside, FinLee & BroDee will drop whatever they are doing and jet out the door to fresh air and open fields.  And they will play until they can't play anymore.  A little bit of fresh air and fun is good for the soul.
Be compassionate.  When I'm sick, sad or dogs are the first ones to pick up on it.  They curl up around me and rest their little heads on my lap and just look up at me as if they would do anything to make me feel better again.  We should all have hearts like theirs.
When not-so-great things happen, kick some grass over that shiz and move on.  Couldn't help it, I saw that one on Pinterest.  But isn't it so true?
Things don't matter.  My dogs would rather chew up 15 pairs of old socks than play with the brightest, shiniest most expensive ball ever made.  They take delight in the simplest things, shouldn't we all do the same?
Who knew dogs could be so inspirational?
Happy Monday y'all.  From me & my little jean-jacket twin. ;)


sara said...

Aw, this is such a sweet post! I may have to forward it to my parents who are obsessed with their dogs!

Hillary Quinn said...

I had tears... we absolutely LOVE our lab like it's our child. Made my heart break a little for your new puppy friend :( Poor guy. But so glad he has a new home that loves him! Kollyns looks so sweet with her new bff.

Sarah said...

This is too sweet. We're starting to talk about getting a dog- Looks like they bring so much love to a family! I am stopping by from the Collective Blog Hop and am your newest follower! Can't wait to read more!

Emily said...

I'm gonna be honest... I couldn't finish this post because I keep trying to talk my hubby out of wanting a dog. At least for another couple of years. Waaaa! So sweet tho!! :-))

Kelsey Almond said...

Oh, come onnn. Everyone needs a dog or three. ;)

Kelsey Almond said...

They certainly do! Thank you! :)

Kelsey Almond said...

My dogs have always been my children too! He is such a sweet one, I'm so happy he has found a home with us! :)

Kelsey Almond said...

My parents are the same way girl! They love their pups as much as they love me I do believe. ;)