Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weekend Recap

Wait, it's Wednesday?  How did that happen?  Well, Monday it snowed and I was in a bad mood because it snowed and I just want it to not snow anymore, okay?  Because I want my house built like yesterday.  Tuesday I wasn't in the mood to blog.  Do you ever have waves of bloggers block?  I do.  All. The. Time.  And when that happens I take a break, and I don't feel bad about it.  After all, it's my blog and I'm not going to force myself to write something that I'm not feeling.  So there's justification for why I've been MIA for a few days.

This past weekend was beautiful.  And when we get beautiful days in between snow days, we make sure we enjoy them.

Saturday after we worked out, we decided it was way too pretty to just grill on the deck.  That would be way too easy. 

In true backwoods fashion, we loaded up our portable grill, chairs, a foldable table, burgers and hotdogs, & threw a few fishing poles in the back of the truck and headed down to our land to grill out by the pond.  I'm sure the people that currently live around our future home were shaking their heads wondering what the heck we were doing and probably are now contemplating putting their homes on the market because we will be moving in soon.  Ha. 
(My sweet grandma, cousin & Kollyns were all very willing participants in our little outing.  Nothing beats the simple life.)
While we were on our lot, we couldn't pass up the chance to walk around our dirt hole because that's still all we have.  A big dirt hole.  I keep telling myself that this crazy, bipolar weather is slowly but surely teaching me patience.  By the time our house is actually built, I'm convinced my patience will be perfected.

So for now I think I'll just breathe really deeply,  pray for some sunshine, and take advantage of a few photo ops.  Because one day, I will love the fact that I have photos of our little girl walking around the dirt that our new home was built on. Yes, yes I will.

And excuse her outfit.  These are what she calls her "wurtout (workout) clothes" and she picked them out...with the crocs.  I couldn't complain though, because I totally would've been opposed to letting her wear her new tennis shoes in the dirt.  I love her.  So much.

As far as home progress goes... here it is Wednesday and we still only have footers.  I love these footers, yes I do. But we were supposed to have basement walls poured on Monday.  Yep, that didn't happen because remember it snowed on Monday?  Blah.  Oh well, I guess we will just enjoy the dirt while we wait.  Yayyyy (not).  Patience, patience, patience.

And just as a little reminder that time really does fly.  We went to my cousin Emily's 18th birthday party on Saturday.  She's eighteen.  And that makes me feel ancient.  We love you so much Emily Danielle!  And I'm so incredibly proud of you beautiful girl!  BFF's for life!



jennifer said...

I'm very interested to follow your journey in building. We just closed on our own land (eeek!) yesterday, and have plans to build in a couple of years. Where are you staying while your house is being built? That is one of my biggest worries.

Kelsey Almond said...

Congratulations on your land!!! That is so exciting! We are actually staying in an unoccupied home that belongs to one of my family members so we get to live there rent-free until our home is finished! If that hadn't been an option, we probably would've ended up staying with one of our parents! :)