Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cuteness, A Church Event, and House Progress

First of all...I adore this kid.  Can't even get over her cuteness. 

The entire weekend was so beautiful...I'm talking 78 degrees.  Sorry that I'm like that little old lady that feels the need to report the weather to everyone she comes across.  I just can't help it.  We had such a funky winter/early Spring that Spring weather that feels like spring weather will never get old to me.  I don't think.
Our church provides the best free events for our small town.  Saturday was our annual Egg Drop Eggstravaganza.  Yep, it's as cool as it sounds.  A helicopter flew over the high school football field and dropped eggs for all of the kids to hunt with their little baskets.  So freakin' cute.  Except Kollyns didn't even bring a basket because she was way more excited about petting the "aminals" and jumping on the inflatables.  The petting zoo was cute, but I've been having ridiculous dreams about miniature goats, snakes and a weird parrot every night since then.  But she really enjoyed it, so the price of a few nights of crappy dreams is well worth the memories we made there.  And there are no pictures of the petting zoo because I was too paranoid that one of her fingers would get snapped off by an animal to even think about pulling out my camera at that point. 

It was fun.  Really fun.  And did I mention it was so warm that we actually got hot?!  Righttt, I think I already covered the weather.
Sunday after church while I washed the car Kollyns decided she needed a passenger in her baby Benz, and a baby doll just wouldn't do.  She literally stuffed our sweet dog into her makeshift trunk and they cruised around the driveway until the battery died. She was having fun, not so sure about FinLee.

 I'm assuming he didn't mind too much because he never tried to escape, even when he had the chance.
And in house news...same old boring story.  Still haven't started working on ground level yet, but they dropped the blocks off and we have gravel in the basement.  So if it rains (like it's doing today) the hole won't be a mud pool.  We are set to pour the slab on Friday and begin framing either Saturday or Monday.  The weather's looking good for the next 10 days so hopefully we will make a little progress.  Because I feel like I've been posting a picture of our basement every week for the past two months...oh that's right, I have been. I promise it will get exciting sooner or later, or at least I keep telling myself that. :)



sara {rhapsody and chaos} said...

A helicopter dropping eggs? THAT IS AWESOME. I, as an adult, would enjoy going to that, ha!

Amy Kruszec said...

Your house is going to be GORG! Can't wait to see the progress:)

jennifer said...

So exciting watching your home being built. I can't wait until we start building ours!!! Love that romper too. M has the same one, except it hasn't been warm enough to put it on her yet.