Thursday, April 3, 2014

Down by the River

Yesterday was so beautiful that before we got into my office good Kollyns looked up at me and said "Mommy it's too pwetty outside to wurt (work)."  I agree Kollyns, I really do.  So I popped open my office window to let the pretty fresh air in since we were stuck inside.  It didn't take long for Kollyns to figure out that she fit through the window and it took even less time for me to squeeze myself out of it right behind her.  So glad that my daddy is my boss.  I still have him wrapped around my finger so I get away with things such as these. 

Besides, it's not like I could say no to this face...

Wasn't long before her little sandbox followed us out.  So much fun.  If you have a kid and you don't have one of are missing out.  It is a blast in a box.  Noooo joke.

Yes Kollyns...I feel the exact same way about this tongue-wagging weather as you do.

Where does all of this sass come from?


It was 80 degrees outside.  You didn't really think we were going home after work did you?  Heck to the no.  It was river time.

If you're a longtime lurker, you know that my daughter's middle name is River.
If not, welcome & I'm happy you're here! :)

This is what we named her after.  A river that has been a big part of our lives since our first date.  This spot is owned by Devin's parents and it has been our happy place for a long long long time.  And I'm pretty sure it's Devin's favorite place in the whole wide world. So many memories here.

Devin was having a teaching moment with Kollyns, and I was begging him to smile.  No one listens to me when I try to take pictures but one day everyone is going to be really happy that I'm an obsessive and enthusiastic picture-taker.

Are you seeing why we love it so much?  So peaceful, so perfect.  And Kollyns loves it too, so I'm feeling like a total rock star for naming her so appropriately! ;)


sara {rhapsody and chaos} said...

Those pics on Kollyns scooter?? I DIE. What a little sassafras. So cute!! And what an awesome happy spot for you guys to go and make memories.

Kelsey Almond said...

She is a trip! Yes, we love ittt!

Emily Lambert said...

I love the fact that you named your adorable (and clearly very sassy) daughter after the river that you share so many memories with. What a beautiful name, too!

Thanks for sharing! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Kelsey Almond said...

Thank you so much Emily! :)

Kimberly G said...

Hi. Just found your blog through the Collective blog hop. Great photos.

Hillary said...

Oh my seriously Kelsey, all that sass in the pictures of Kollyns on her scooter is absolutely too much cuteness!!! Love it. And I hadn't read yet in your older posts that Kollyns was named after this place. That's so beautiful. I swear your family is so much like mine, I love it!! xoxo

Kelsey Almond said...

Ha, I know! She is something else! ;) Yes ma'am, we treasure that spot on the river and I'm so so so happy I named her after it! Anddd I love that we are so much alike too! Muah!