Thursday, April 24, 2014


Let's just blame it on my overall disappointment that the Easter holiday has shifted from a Christ centered day of celebration to a chocolate Easter bunny filled day of indulgence (even though I can't deny that we did our fair share of enjoying all things Easter including the egg hunts, Cadbury crème eggs and marshmallow peeps out the hoo-ha), but I really dropped the ball with my Easter bunny duties this weekend.  Because I mean I have to blame something for my last minute Wal-Mart Easter Basket haul, and there's no way I'm at fault here...ha.  I will get to that in a minute, but I hope you and yours had a beautiful Easter weekend.  We spent it celebrating our arisen Savior and the sacrifice He made for us so that we could live forever with Him because we are forgiven and he loves us just as we are.  (With a side of homemade meals, a yummy chocolate cake made by yours truly, and our traditional holiday routine of piling into the car and house-hopping for hours to ensure we visit all of our 10 branches of family to keep the peace.)  Not complaining though...we are very thankful for our huge families!  But it does wear a mama out.  I always need an extra weekend to recuperate after holidays!  Is that too much to ask?  And by the way I'm still recovering.

So let me just hop right to the recap.  Get it? ;)

Well, you won't find a picturesque perfectly staged Easter basket here. I didn't buy one single thing from Etsy or Land of Nod.  And nothing in the basket matches.  Shoot, I'm lucky I even found a basket stuck in the back of my Grandma's toy closet to chunk all of this Easter goodness into.  It's so shameful.  Major bloggy mom fail.  Here you have it...her baskets filled with Wal-Mart items.

Believe it or not she loved every single thing in the baskets.  Can you tell?  Especially her new underwear and tank tops that came in at a whopping $3 & $5.  And we have been coloring the bath tub with those bath crayons every day this week and having a blast.  The moral of the story don't have to spend $500 to have a happy kid on Easter morning.  So there.

 This is the Easter dress I bought her at Target, and I thought it was adorbs.  Excuse her floppy buns, egg hunting is intense.

Kollyns nanny Betty bought her this dress not knowing that I had already bought her of course she had to wear both.  She is so fancy with her holiday costume changes. ;)

And to top off a beautiful Easter weekend there's this...
a beautiful chocolate on chocolate on chocolate bundt cake that I made.  And let me just tell you, it was sinful.  And on Easter too.  Shame on me.

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Sara {Rhapsody + Chaos} said...

Ummmm for a last minute basket, your little Kollyns seems prettttty happy. I think you did a great job, mama. Who cares where everything is from or whether or not it matches? The important thing is that your daughter is clearly loved (and not because of the basket goodies -- though they're great, too) and that you guys had a really fun weekend together. :)