Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Screen Doors of Life

Yesterday Kollyns was in the best mood, filling our office with giggles and happiness.  Her daddy stopped by to pick her up and he went outside to change her car seat over from my car to his.  She was so thrilled about leaving with him that she burst into a full speed sprint from my office and around the corner towards the back deck...laughing with excitement as she ran all the way down the hallway.  Then SMACK.  She ran into the screen door leading to the deck with such force that it knocked the screen door off of its track, her off of her feet and caused her to become completely disoriented for about 3 seconds.  Her confusion quickly turned into a full on sob fest in my arms with her face nuzzled so deeply into my neck that I could feel the air come out of her nose every time she let a little sniffle.  My heart broke for her because she was so extremely happy and full of joy and out of nowhere the stupid screen stole all of that from her.  She didn't even see it coming. and I felt her pain because I too have slammed into my fair share of screen doors in my lifetime, literally and metaphorically.  And I was reminded of just how startling that feeling was as I watched her reeling from her run in with the tricky door. 

She recovered, just as any other accident prone toddler would, and probably hasn't thought twice about it since she finished crying. But as I watched her daddy's truck drive away from my office window I thought about how much that screen door represents the hard knocks of life.  We can be going along just fine with everything seemingly perfect, and something pops up and sweeps our feet right out from under us.  I've been through a few rough patches in my life (and I'm very aware there are many who have had far bigger hits than I ever have)...but I have always tried to allow them to mold me and strengthen me rather than weaken and define me.  They have also taught me to appreciate when life is good.  And life is good right now.  I have a good husband, a beautiful and perfect little girl, we are healthy, we have good jobs and we are anxiously awaiting the completion of our new home.  I never dreamed my life would be this good, but I also know that things can change in an instant.  I never know when one of those screen doors will slide in front of me and take me down and I hope it never happens...but the few times I've been knocked on my butt over the years have taught me...

to laugh at the small knocks.  How many face down plates of spaghetti, spilled cups of coffee and trips over my own feet does it take for me to realize that those things aren't a big deal?  Crap happens, and will continue to happen every now and then for all of us.  And in my case everyday for the rest of my life.  I've learned to laugh at these things.  Every single one of them.  Because in the big scheme, they don't really matter and everyone needs a good laugh.  Plus, they build character...and patience, lotsa patience. Amiright?

to slow down and enjoy life as it is instead of racing to the next moment.  The faster I am running towards something and overlooking what is good right now, the easier it will be for me to forget how blessed I am.  Good times are such a blessing, it's crazy not to savor them.

to not expect life to always go as I think it should because it never will and I can never really be prepared for what God has in store for me...good or bad. So the best I can do is take life as it comes, live in the moment, pray my heart out, and not worry about tomorrow because just like the Good Book says... tomorrow will worry about itself.

the importance of spending time in the Word.  The only thing that is promised in this life is the grace and forgiveness that comes from our Savior and the sacrifice He made for us so we could live an abundant life, because we know it doesn't end here.  I will take the time every night to strengthen my relationship and grow closer to him so I'm better prepared spiritually for everything that will come my way. 

to be ever thankful.  If I don't learn to be thankful for the good things, I won't appreciate the inner strength and character that has been built from the not so good things.  I know I don't deserve an easy life, and none of us are really promised when times are good I'm thankful to God for showering me with blessings, and when they aren't I'm thankful to God that I can draw close to Him and find my strength in His presence.

I am so very thankful.  Today and every day.


Megan said...

Awww... You are reading the book I got Kollyns for her birthday last year :)

Kelsey Almond said...

We read it every night before bed! It's her favorite! :)

sara {rhapsody and chaos} said...

This is such a thoughtful and uplifting post. Though my heart hurt reading about Kollyns running into the screen door. That picture is very sweet.

Kelsey Almond said...

Thank you Sara! I try to do a 'from the heart' post every now and then. Digging that deep is good for my soul and a good reminder of what life is really about! :)