Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekend Recap

Sunny and 75 today, and I'm a happy girl.  They had two pumps in our basement this morning getting the water out from the rainy weekend and stripping out the forms from the footers so we will hopefully have some walls poured by next week.  Fingers crossed! 

This past weekend was gloomy & rainy but sometimes it's exactly what I need to force myself to relax.

Devin worked Friday night so I fixed this little cutie up and we ran to TJMaxx with my parents.

I walked away with a $12 white cake stand that I have been eyeing for two months, so I didn't feel guilty for buying it and a $15 sweatshirt that I've already worn 3 times in 5 days.  It is so comfy.

We stayed in our PJ's (and my new sweatshirt) all day Saturday.

After sleeping in until 11 we finger painted...(really quietly because Daddy had worked all night)

...and painted on all fours. (I don't blame her...it was just too tempting.)

Then we painted our nails (and clearly neglected my cuticles).  Give me a break, it was a lazy day!

We watched Good Luck Charlie & Austin & Ally episodes one right after the other and ate way too many bowls of Fruit Loops until we decided it was time to go back to sleep.  We took a 2 hour nap and woke up in the mood for bowling.  So off we went...she was so excited!  I was still half asleep!

And it is a really good thing I got alot of rest on Saturday because Sunday just about killed me.  I taught Sunday School (12 4-5 year olds) and then had to wing Children's Church (15 really excited 4-6 year olds) because the workers scheduled were sick.  Unpreparedness plus wild kids is a recipe for chaos, but I survived.  There were no disasters and I made it through the hour without having a nervous breakdown...praise the Lord. 

And I should have driven straight home and taken a nap but instead I decided to brave the grocery store with Kollyns.  The grocery store turns her into a little monster by the way.  After an hour of chasing her around the entire time, and her screaming "I have to poop" so loud that the people sitting outside in their cars could've heard her for fifteen solid minutes and forgetting just about everything important on my list...I vowed to never ever ever ever take her to the grocery store again.  Ever.

By the way, she didn't really have to use the bathroom.  She is going through this 'public restroom obsessed' phase.  She has to check out every bathroom of every restaurant, store or home we visit whether she has to go or not.

I hope this phase ends soon but I'm hearing it's payback because I was the exact same way as a kid.  Sheesh.

And Sunday night I finally got around to cutting up my strawberries (after a 3 hour nap with Kollyns that we both desperately needed) and was amazed by this strawberry.  It really doesn't take much to excite me.  I love pretty food. 



sara {rhapsody and chaos} said...

Aw, what a fun weekend, even with the "I HAVE TO POOP" screaming (which cracked me up, btw). How did Kollyns not get paint all over your rug after painting her her feet?? #impressed

Kelsey Almond said...

Ha it was not funny at the time lol! Oh yeah girl we totally did get paint on the rug. It was a mess! But thankfully i was able to scrub it right out! ;)

Sarah said...

What a fun weekend! I've wanted to take my daughter bowling. Sounds like fun!

Kelsey Almond said...

She absolutely LOVED it. She thought she was hot stuff rolling that ball down the lane...and she even made bowling shoes look cute! :)

sara {rhapsody and chaos} said...

Hey -- just wanted you to know I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog today :) http://rhapsodyandchaos.com/liebster-award/