Friday, May 16, 2014

Get It Together Kels

I'll be the first to admit that my blog has been lacking substance lately.  Between picking out things for our new house and the emotional turmoil I endured the week I went to Alabama, it has taken all of the strength I can muster just to write generic weekend recaps and new house posts.  Okay, maybe I'm being dramatic.  It's probably just because I've been lazy and what little bit of creative energy I have is channeled toward solving toddler dilemmas and diffusing the meltdowns that go hand in hand with a 3 year old.  Boo boo's trigger breakdowns, and Kollyns just can't seem to catch a break lately. Take yesterday for instance, Kollyns and I were in my mom's home gym working out.  She always walks on the treadmill at .5 speed while I do my workout.  Not the whole time, just when she feels like it.  So I was in the middle of a set of squats when I noticed she had turned around backwards and sat down on the belt.  Before I could rack the bar and get to her, she had reached the end of the belt and was kind of stuck between the end of the treadmill and the wall because there isn't much space there and she was screaming.  I didn't know if her finger was caught or her foot or what so I freaked.  Instead of hitting the stop button or jerking the emergency magnet out, I pulled a superman and launched myself onto the treadmill while it was running to save her as if it would magically stop for me.  I ended up almost on top of her at the end of the moving belt on my back trying my best to grip something to keep the stupid thing from pulling me completely on top of her and hurting her even worse.  Finally I managed to get both of my hands around her waist and throw her to the side and out of the big bad belt's way.  I was so frazzled that it took me a hot minute to get my crap together and figure out how to get myself off of the moving treadmill 2 seconds before it snagged my ponytail and pulled my head under, and I looked like a flailing giraffe in the mirror that was staring at me as I tried to escape.  We both ended up getting 3 inches of belt burn and a nice big blow to our pride.  It could have been way worse and I know that.  And Kollyns will never again get on a treadmill even when she's sixteen because it scared the daylights out of me.  Always thankful to the good Lord for looking out for us because I'm always one step away from destruction as clumsiness is one of my biggest attributes.  So there.  There's your Friday funny (that could've been so not funny if something bad had happened, but I can't stop laughing at myself for my stupidity now that we are both safe and off of the treadmill).  Now go ahead and laugh at me until I can come up with something to write that's actually worth your while!  :)


Sara {Rhapsody and Chaos} said...

Oh, girl, I feel that scare for you! It's not funny yet even to me! I'm glad you're both okay. And I love weekend recap posts, tbh, so carry on with those por favor. Also, once when I was like 12 I was on my friend's mom's treadmill and dropped my sweat-wiping towel and without even thinking I ducked down to pick it up while the treadmill was still running -- and I legit got thrown the eff off of that thing. Belt burn on my face and all. My friend STILL bursts out laughing when she thinks about it. I do too. Now that time has passed. :)

Kelsey Almond said...

Haha! Thank you Sara! I'm glad we both survived our treadmill encounters! I knew I hated cardio for a reason! :) And your treadmill story just cracked me up! lol