Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Our Journey Home: Rolling Right Along

When things finally start happening, they happen fast.  Nice change from the seven months we patiently waited to break ground, so you won't catch me complaining.  We are having to make decisions left and right, but I'll take this change of pace over the other any day.  The forms were put in the basement exactly 5 weeks ago, and each week since then has brought major changes. 

Sorry for the photo overload but I think I'll pretty much love seeing the framing process through gradual photos one day when this is all finished!  I have searched the internet deep and wide for a blog that documents building my house plan from the ground up and could not even come up with a single photo of our house plan finished or in the process of being built.  Such a bummer.  So in case anyone else is interested in seeing the Frank Betz Raines plan in motion, here it is y'all!

This view is from the living room looking into the kitchen.  Those wooden posts are going to be columns.  Our entire kitchen, dining room, foyer and living room are all one open space separated by columns only.  Our first house was so chopped up that we were all about the open floor plan with this one.

This is standing in the dining room looking towards the master bedroom side of the house.  You can't tell much by this photo unless you look at the plans.  Here they are if you're interested. 

 2nd floor starting to go up!

This view is looking up at the back of the house.  We have a full walkout basement which is a dream for my husband.  He is pretty much letting me pick out everything as long as he has full rights in his basement so I'm not arguing with that. ;)

This window on the right side is right above my bath tub.  I better be investing in some nice blinds.

This view is looking towards the front door and foyer area.  The room you see sectioned off by columns is our dining room and the ceilings are 18ft vaulted with an overlook balcony up towards the right.

The kitchen is over to the right.  And this is my pretty mama fighting my wild child because she wanted to get down and walk on wood without shoes on and we weren't letting her. :)  Splinters make her crazy, trust she can thank me later.

The view from our bedroom window.

View from our dining room window.  

They were finishing up with framing the roof today and we will have shingles on by next week.
We have already picked out our doors and cabinets, and will be picking out our tile and wood floors next week.  I reallyyy can't wait to show you our cabinets.  So pretty!
And right now, I'm working with siding and stone colors.  And that has been the hardest decision so far.  Eeeek.  Wait no, I take that back.  Choosing land and a plan top this.


Amy Kruszec said...

Ahhh! So exciting watching this process girl, your house is already purrdy and it isn't even finished. Cannot wait to see more pics as it is being built! You are so blessed!

Kelsey Almond said...

Thank you Amy!!! I'm so exciteddd! Eeeek!