Saturday, June 28, 2014


Quiet Nights at Home // Nothing beats time with just my little family.  Knowing that the ones that are the most important to me are right beside me safe and sound is my ultimate happy place.

My Samsung Chromebook // Last night on a whim I decided I needed a blogging machine for my house.  I have a Mac book circa 2005 but it won't stay charged for even two seconds unless it's plugged into the wall.  I usually blog from my work computer on my lunch break, but I'm too busy at work to even think about blogging these days. I didn't want an expensive laptop but I wanted something easier to blog on than my iPad.  I started looking at the Chromebooks by Google and after reading one 5 star review after another, I decided on the Samsung Chromebook.  We drove to Best Buy and had this little jewel in our hands in about 30 minutes flat from the time I decided I wanted one.  I knew if I gave myself more time I would talk myself out of it since I'm in major savings mode right now for the new house.  I am so so so happy with it.  If you're looking to add programs or store photos this is not the thing for you.  But it's perfect for blogging and with it I got 2 years free of Google cloud storage so any photos I want to add to my blog are uploaded via the cloud and so easy to add right in.  It's not fancy and it's fairly cheap at just $249, but it's fast and I can't tell you how much I've loved my time with this new found love.  And if you're a Google person, it prompts you to sign into your account as soon as you turn it on and it transfers all of your favorites and bookmarks right to it.  I'm in love I tell love.  And since it's not super expensive Kollyns is enjoying it too and I'm not on edge everytime she picks it up.  Yes.

Reading Dr. Seuss Books With Kollyns // I adored every Dr. Seuss book when I was little and Kollyns shares my love of them.  Snuggling up next to her and reading "Oh, The Thinks You Can Think" and really any other book for that matter... is pure heaven to me.

Date Nights with My Husband //  He's my favorite and one on one time with him takes me all the way back to our carefree dating days.  Fun stuff.

Joyce Meyer Messages // Every morning while I get ready for work I watch a video message from JoyceMeyer(dot)com and drink my coffee.  It's starts my day off right and it puts me in the right frame of mind to deal with what's coming that day.  She's so real and she speaks truth.  Love her.

Bath & Body Works Tiki Beach Candles // The simple little things like a candle with just the right scent makes me so happy.  This is my new fave and I could burn it all day everyday if I could put it in my purse and carry it with me.  Yes, yes I would.

Impromptu Photo Sessions // Sometimes the mood just strikes and I pull out my Nikon, dress Kollyns in a cute little ensemble and tell her to strike a pose.  The sesh might last a total of 5 minutes, but the photos always come out so cute and they're always frameworthy.

Fruit Kabobs // Every blogger there ever was has made a fruit kabob.  Except me.  Until this week.  But of course I had to add marshmallows and chocolate to make it nice and unhealthy. :-/ They turned out so pretty though.  And I ate two...or five.  Who's counting anyway?

Joss & Main // Ahhh I'm addicted.  They have new furniture sales every single day and I'm religious about checking them out.  I have a weakness for furniture because I know I'm in need of lots of it for my new house.  The discounted prices make my insides flutter. Be still my heart.

The River // The simplest things in life are always the best things.  A long lazy evening on the river with Devin and Kollyns is just what my soul needs sometimes.  Peace, quiet, a flowing river and a fishing pole in the hand of my little girl seems to wash all of my cares away.

Happy weekend friends, I hope yours is filled with tons of fun. :)

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