Tuesday, June 24, 2014

House Update!!!

I'm SO excited. And I just can't hide it.
I was thinking about this today.  We sold our house last August and waited and waited and waited to close on the land.  Then we went through the process of choosing a builder and getting cost estimates.  Then we waited some more.  Then we had to wait on the bank.  Then it started snowing like crazy and we had an extremely snowy winter.  So we waited some more.  But at last...the end is in sight.  By the time we move into our new house, we will have been living in our temporary transition home for a full year.  A year is a long time.  And if someone told me when we sold our home that it would be a whole year before we were in our new one I probably would've just stayed put.  But now that we are about 2 months away from moving in, I'm so happy. 
 So freaking happy. 
So since my last post...
the siding has been installed
the front door finally arrived
the yard has been graded (as you can tell from the dirt for days)
and the sheet rock is being installed this week...  eeeek!
the stone will be put on those front two gables the end of this week and/or early next week.
We chose CertainTeed Siding and Shakes in Natural Clay.
The photo quality is horrible.  The siding looks wavy and splotchy and blurry.
I can promise you it doesn't look like that in real life or I would be at our house having a small fit right now, not sitting here writing about my happiness. ;)
If we could've afforded the shakes all over, we totally would have.
The siding looks awesome.  The lines are clean, it's nice and neat, we looooove the color and it was installed very nicely.
So we are happy so far.
You can't really see the front door good, but we chose a solid one because the house has enough windows as it is.  And personally I like hiding behind the front door if I don't want to answer it and there's no hiding behind a glass door, so yeah.  It will be stained dark brown to match the shutters which will be musket brown.
They actually finished the siding last night at 9pm so it was too dark to take decent pictures.  Next photos will be up after the rock is installed.  Oh. Em. Gee.  I can't believe the exterior will be basically done next week.  Yay!  If I'm getting on your nerves I'm sorry, but seriously we have waited so long for this I just can't contain myself.
I always love capturing Kollyns in the pictures.  It's so sweet to see her walking around the home she will grow up in. :)
They built the columns up because I wanted them chunky.  So now they are about 12 inches in width.  The builder is doing some crown molding and design work on them so they will be classy and elegant.  That's what we're aiming for anyway.
And that's about it for this week.  Hopefully by next week I can put up some sheet rock photos and some of the stone on the front two gables. 
Hope everyone is having a good week! :)


Amy Kruszec said...

I am Oh. Em. Geeing with you..GORGEOUS...simply beautiful and so sweet getting pics with your little one in them:)

Kelsey Almond said...

Yay! Thank you so much! :)

Apeshe Agorwal said...

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