Sunday, June 1, 2014

Let's Catch Up

We are headed to the beach on Saturday so naturally I'm in the best mood ever and all about all things summer.  Memorial Day was so fun and relaxing, and a pool day was just what we needed to throw us into summer mode. My little American beauty was looking all kinds of pretty in her red, white & blue.  And those sunglasses, obsessed.

My mom and Kollyns had some quality time in the pool, and like raise your hand if you've ever in your life spotted a hotter grandma than this one.  You didn't raise your hand did you?  Ha, I know.

This weekend my sweet sister cousin Emily had her graduation party so of course we went to that, and they asked me to bake the cake.  I'll be the first to say it was not at all a pretty cake.  It leaned all the way to the left and I almost cried because there were a hundred people there and here sat the leaning tower of chocolate.  Well it turns out it was delicious (yay me!), so I finally claimed it.  And no one cares what it looks like anyway if it tastes good right? 

Congratulations Emily, we love you so much.

My hottie husband and I had a much needed date last night and I enjoyed spending time with just him so much.  Even though we love our little girl to the moon and back as everyone knows, sometimes it's nice to just focus on each other.  I have always believed that the best thing we can do for her is love each other and I'm sticking to it. :)  But she's obviously always on our mind because we spent a small fortune on beach clothes for her while we were on our date.  Anddd I look like a goober.

And somehow we ended up at Complete Nutrition (because no matter what our love of lifting weights is always a part of our lives) and we picked up some amazing new protein.  It's called V-Core Vantage in Orange Creamsicle.  I could eat the powder right out of the container noooo joke. That is some good stuff.  Look at me talking about chocolate cake and protein all in the same post.  Balance people. :)

And they gave us a free sample of this strawberry melon Prime Drive Energy Boost.  Ahhhmazing.  I drank a pack of it today and folded three loads of laundry, cut up two huge packs of chicken breasts, walked the hunting dog and washed my car while keeping up with Kollyns.  I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be used to rev me up for a workout, but I'm telling you it works just as good for chores. ;)

Here's to a short work week followed by a looooong week at the beach. :)

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