Friday, July 18, 2014

Cute Stuff My Kid Says

Sometimes Kollyns speaks and my mouth drops because I can't even begin to process the cuteness that just escaped hers.  She cracks me up on a daily basis and I never ever want to forget the adorable phrases that make her the most adorable kid ever.

"Mama my eyes are zausted and I think I need a nap."

Kollyns:  "Hey where's my Daddy?"
Me:  "At work Kollyns."
Kollyns:  "Aww I like it when he goes to wurt so he can buy me some toys."

"Kels can you hurry up please?  It's sixty o' clock and I'm gonna be late."

"Hey mom can we go to Mexico and get something to eat like a cheese quesadilla?"

"Mama I'm just tired and I don't have no patience and I don't like these leggings."

Me:  "Kollyns do not run up the driveway you will fall."
Kollyns:  "Mama I just exercising hurry up you just ate that ice cream and you need to wurt out too."

Kollyns:  "Hey Mom I want a Sisser in my belly."
Me:  "A Sister would go in my belly Kollyns, not yours."
Kollyns:  " belly, then she can drink my ba bas like I used to drink yours and then we can put her back because I don't really want a Sisser."
(And apparently breastfeeding for almost three years was a bad idea.)

Kollyns:  "Hey Mama when I go to preschool can you sit in the car and wait the whole time til I come out in the parking lot?  Or I'm not going.  And I need a McDocStuffins backpack."
Me:  "Kollyns it's Doc McStuffins."
Kollyns:  "Yeah I said that...McDocStuffins."

Kollyns:  "Mom I'll be back I'm gonna go pee in the yard."
Me:  "What?  Why?"
Kollyns:  "FinLee and BroDee do it, and I want a treat when I'm done."

"Mommy I love you more than everything.  And your hair is so long I love that too."

Me: "Kollyns say your prayers okay?"
Kollyns:  "Dear Lord, thank you for everything. I love my mommy and my daddy and Jesus and Mary and Joseph and God and myself.  Amen."

Kollyns:  "Mommy where we going tomorrow?"
Me:  "Work baby tomorrow is Monday."
Kollyns:  "I hate dat."

Happy Weekend Y'all. :)


Amy Kruszec said...

Oh my goodness this had me cracking up so bad! My 4year old makes me laugh daily too...the things they do and say at these ages are unforgettable!!! It's like an ongoing comedy tour that we have front row seats to haha. I will have to blog some of Emma's silly sayings. I died over her wanting to pee in the yard!!!!!! LOL

Kelsey Almond said...

They are so hilarious at this age! I love it!

Laura Miller said...

I hate dat when Monday arrives too! This had me in stitches, my boy is only 1 and although I get sad about him growing up too quickly I look forward to him making me smile like this! Love your blog :-) x

Thea Wonder said...

She is so cute,i love her smile .
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