Monday, August 25, 2014

Still Here!

Hey lovelies.  I know it seems like I have fallen off of the planet, but I'm still here...I promise.
Sometimes I just get blog-bored...followed by a little bit of blog-guilt.
I follow so many blogs and those moms are killing it.  Somehow managing to chase after their toddlers and take completely perfect photos while enjoying life and then write these incredible posts about the neatest things.  Y'all are awesome, but apparently I'm just not capable of that kind of dedication to poor little Almond Joy.
I just can't make myself commit to an every day post.  I just can't. One day...maybe, but for now this is just something I do when I feel like it.  Because it's mine and I can do that you know?
Maybe I should start penciling blogging into my schedule, but that would be hard because I don't have a schedule.  I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to get Kollyns to preschool on time starting next week because my morning routine is slam full of coffee, laundry folding, dishwasher unloading and Bible reading okay?
But I can promise this, I will get around to catching you up eventually.  And I will write when I have something to write about. And thank you for still reading even though I'm predictable and inconsistent.  Love ya, mean it.
Speaking of predictable.  Time for another house update.  Eeeks.
I told you we wouldn't be moving in at the end of August even thought that was the predicted date didn't I?  Well that is totally the case.  We won't be moving in until the week of October 20th.  I'm not even sad about it and the good news is we can start looking to lock in an interest rate in about 2 weeks.  And we know for sure what our move-in date will be so we can plan accordingly. 
They finally finished the trim work on the columns.  There are over 50 pieces of wood on each column and it took them a good 2 weeks to get these done.  It felt like forever.  These will be painted white and there will be a decorative piece at the top to cover the gap.  I love them.
Interior Columns
The shower tile is finished!  I can't wait to see it clean and with paint on the walls.  This is seriously bad photo quality but you get the idea.
The bathroom granite is in!  It's called New Venetian Ice and I'm so happy with it!  The floors are covered because the painters are there this week (I'm thrilled.)!
New Venetian Ice Granite, Distressed Black Cabinets
The kitchen granite was also installed this past weekend. We chose the Caledonia with a half bull nose edge.  I had originally planned on doing a fancier edge, but I really didn't want to go over the top because the cabinets are pretty busy and our backsplash will be a stacked rock so I figured we should go easy on the edge to keep everything flowing nicely. ;)

 I can't wait to see the floors stained the ebony color.  I'm thinking it will really set the cabinets off!
And as far as décor, I haven't really bought that much.
I snagged these adorable canisters at Pier 1 the other week...We bought all three sizes but I only lugged one to the new house to put against the cabinets because I was scared to death of breaking one (they aren't cheap).
And I bought these two cute wall hangings because I figured they would match the zinc top on my Messina Dining Table really well...which is still in the box because it's pointless to set it up before we move in!
And last weekend we loaded up and headed down to a huge furniture warehouse only to come home empty-handed.  Doesn't she look thrilled? ;)
And just for fun...look at this little cutie and her pigtails.  That face...
I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday! :)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

What's in My Makeup Bag?

Well guys, I haven't posted anything beauty related in forever.  I think it has actually been like over two years since I dumped out my makeup bag and shared my faves with you!  I seriously don't blame you if you are not at all interested in which products are a part of my everyday makeup routine, because my makeup is about as plain Jane as it gets.  But I have mastered the art of covering up some pretty funky acne prone skin that likes to act up on the very days that I have something important going on, and I've finally found reasonably priced versions of the things that work well for my skin.  
Let me preface this by saying I have oily skin and a medium skin tone.  So if you're pale and trying to buy sand beige colored foundation, don't come back here fussing at me if you try it and it looks like you smeared mud on your face (that has happened before or else I wouldn't be telling you this). These are just the products I love, so pick the colors that work for you.  Sometimes I even think I could pick better colors for my face.  Always open to suggestions you makeup experts you. ;) 
 1\\Maybelline The Expert Wear Palette in The Nudes
Nude colored eye shadow with a hint of shimmer is my jam.  It's perfect for everyday wear because it makes a statement without going over the top. I always do a medium colored shimmer on the lower lid inner corner, matte nude on my lower lid, brownish matte in the crease and a lighter shimmer on the upper lid.  If you're a makeup pro and want to slap me on the hand for giving this eye shadow advice because it's all wrong you totally should.  This is just the way I do things and I'm sure it's so not the right technique.
2\\Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in Sand Beige
If you have beautiful flawless skin, please don't cover your pretty skin up with this foundation.  This liquid is fairly thick and perfect for us girls with a few acne scars and darks spots. This stuff is full coverage and it lasts all day long without feeling like I have goo caked on my face.  Perfect.
3\\Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder in Light
Let me first say that if I could bring myself to shell out $38 for Lancôme powder like I did two years ago, it's worth the splurge because it does give better and longer lasting coverage.  But at this point in my life I would much rather spend that money on a throw pillow or something for my house.  I apply this with a powder brush and it does the job for 1/3 of the price. 
4\\Maybelline Lash Discovery in Blackest Black
 I love this stuff.  It grabs all of my lashes in a few quick swipes of the brush and coats them evenly without clumping.  And since I'm almost always running a little late, I'm not trying to spend more time than I need to fluffing my lashes.
5\\Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black
I'm seeing a Revlon Colorstay pattern here.  No, this is not a sponsored post.  It's just good stuff.  I don't use a lot of this but a little bit on the corners makes my eyes pop, especially after those nights Kollyns has her foot resting on my head and I don't get enough sleep.
6\\Rimmel Exaggerate Automatic Lip Liner in Natural
 I always follow the line on my bottom lip, but line just above my top lip a tiny bit to make it appear fuller.  It works wonders and it's a lot cheaper than lip injections if you're into that kind of thing.  Y'all know I'm way too tight to even think about ever having that done.  This $3 option is like magic.  Just get a color that matches your gloss/lipstick or you might end up looking a little funny.
7\\Revlon Photo Ready Concealer
I don't use much of this but it's great under the eyes and giving that extra coverage to my breakouts when they strike!
8\\Covergirl Colorlicious Lip Gloss in Honeyed Kiss
This stuff is perfect for giving lips a little shimmer without feeling sticky.  I wish I could bring myself to put color on my lips but I just can't.  I'm such a wimp.
There you have it.  And PS I can put every bit of this on in less than 10 minutes sitting on my bathroom counter while listening to Joyce Meyer on my phone and with my malti-poo sitting in my lap while drinking my coffee.  Just saying.  ;)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dying to Self

 Well this is a hard one to write.

I accepted Christ into my heart when I was thirteen years old.  Now I am almost twenty-seven.  So for fourteen years I have been a child of God and He has been living in me.  There have been moments when I felt the breath of God all over me (the times I was seeking His face and feeding myself with the Word), and there have been moments when I felt like I couldn't find Him anywhere (the times I was living out of selfishness and closing my ears to his voice).  Although I've always known Him and had a relationship with Him, it breaks my heart to think of the number of years I wasted keeping God at arm's distance from me.  I wanted to hear from Him when I was doing what I was supposed to be doing and living according to His will for my life, but I always pushed Him aside when I was living of this world.  Here's the thing that I didn't understand when I became saved...  when I accepted Christ I became His home.  He lives in my heart.  And every time I sinned or fell short it grieved my heavenly Father.  It wasn't until I became a mom that I fully grasped what that meant.  As a parent it breaks my heart to imagine Kollyns sad or weak or making bad choices.  That gave me a small glimpse into what the Lord felt every single time I let him down and when it hit me I became overwhelmed with sadness.  Praise God that He has forgiven me for some bad choices that I have made and that He has never left me even when I didn't feel Him near.  That's the beauty of a relationship with Him.  He never forsakes us no matter how many times we break his heart because he loves us that much.  Every one of us no matter what.  There have been a lot of things going on in the lives of the people I love lately that have literally shook me all the way down to the depths of my soul.  I have watched good people hurting because of other's selfishness, I have watched some hurt because of their own self-centeredness and unwillingness to fight off desires of the flesh with the armor of God.  I have witnessed real life rock-bottom in the hearts of very important people in my life.  I've been through countless emotions starting with anger that brought out a side of me I hope to never let surface ever again.  I have been judgmental and harsh towards the ones who hurt the people I love though God quickly convicted me about it and revealed to me that it was not my place.  I have been disappointed, disheartened and discouraged.  I have spent hours in prayer begging God to take away these feelings and thoughts about people because they were dirtying my own heart in the process.  I was led to begin studying Ephesians and through my time in the Word I decided I would no longer let the sinfulness of other's harden my heart and lead to my own sinfulness. I was no better than them because I was giving the devil a foothold by spewing anger and harsh words because the situation had "kicked my bucket" and ugliness sloshed out. Ephesians 4:29-32 smacked me right in the face. "Do not let any unwholesome talk come from your mouths, but only what is helpful for building other's up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.  And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.  Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger...Be kind and compassionate towards one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you." Ouch.  My outlook on the situation began to change and every time I felt anger start to rise I suppressed it and began to pray.  Which led to me praying for the ones I was once so angry with.  I felt like I was released from all of it because truthfully the sins of others are between them and God so why should I waste my time being angry and allow it to negatively effect my own life?  Yes, many have been hurt including myself and ones I love with my whole heart, but God's grace is sufficient in our deepest moments of pain and that is more than enough to take care of things.  My anger and bitterness wasn't helping anything.  It was so wrong of me to allow those feelings to take hold of me and I'm so thankful that God pulled me out of that muck.  But I can say through all of this I have learned so much.  I have learned that there are two types of lives we can live.  The 'Me' life or the 'God' life, there's no in between.  No good comes from living based on worldly standards and justifying our actions because our response is acceptable according to our human nature. Or because we feel like we're allowed those emotions because we have been hurt.  And just because anger and harshness are the very natural responses to the situation, it doesn't mean they are right.  I had to die to myself and give every bit of it to God because I knew I wasn't capable of feeling how I was supposed to feel on my own.  Compassion and kindness began pouring out of me and I found myself in a much happier and peaceful place.  Having Christ living in us and allowing Him to work through us means dying to the flesh almost every single day.  It isn't always easy, but it's the most rewarding path for my life.  I don't remember a single time in my life when sinfulness or self-centeredness resulted in joy or peace.  God desires for us to enjoy this life that He has given us, and the only way that can be done is through Him.

I know this was heavy stuff, but God has been laying it on my heart to share it for a very long time.  I just wasn't in the place where I felt like I could.  If you don't have a relationship with Him and this seems crazy to you, I encourage you to seek His face.  You know in your heart that something is missing and nothing of this world can satisfy that hunger.  Fill it with the One that has died for You and given his life so you don't have to bear the burdens of this world.  He paid the ultimate price so that His gift of grace and forgiveness would be free for us.  All we have to do is accept it.

I have such a long way to go but I thank God everyday that I'm not where I used to be.  So thankful for his mercy and grace in my life.  What a beautiful Savior.

(I accidentally deleted this post and was able to recover it.  Sorry for the re-post, but I never want to lose these words because this was such an important lesson I learned.)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer, Don't Go.

Every year when August rolls around, I'm jumping up and down because I love all things fall.  Fall candles, a fall breeze, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkins on the porch...yes all of it.  But this year I'm finding myself savoring the sweet summer instead of rushing into fall.  I'm hanging onto these last few full weeks with Kollyns for dear life.  We have been inseparable since her first day and she starts preschool soon.  It is seriously killing me.  I know, I's two days a week and I need to stop being so dramatic and let her grow up.  That's easier said than done, y'all.  Especially since I ended up being one of those helicopter moms that I swore I would never be.  Don't tell anyone. ;)  So needless to say we are spending these last few weeks of summer soaking up every ray of sunshine we can and playing outside for hours on end.  And practically living at the river...

 Summer, don't go.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Dear Cabinets, I Love You.

Helloooo August!  I've been waiting for you.  We are supposed to be moving into our house by the end of this month.  I'm not naïve enough to think that an estimated move in date will actually be our move in date.  But it's pretty awesome to know that we are finally so close to calling this place home.  A few pretty exciting things happened this week.  My lovely cabinets are in.  We didn't have hardly any cabinet space in our older home so I'm back-flipping on the inside about these jewels.  Space to store all of my baking dishes is pretty much something I've been dreaming of since I got married 6 years ago.  We picked out a cream cabinet with a grey color and the natural wood color showing through in several places.  It looks exactly how I envisioned it to look and I'm completely thrilled. 

This is our view from the kitchen.  I love the openness and the fact that I will be able to see my family in the living room while I cook.  The columns make it so unique and they are one of my favorite parts of this plan we chose.  (They are actually working on the decorative trim work and detail on the columns this week, I can't wait to see the finished product.)

I love the deep tray ceilings in our bedroom. I mean love.

I can't even lie.  Devin picked out the bathroom cabinets and tile all by himself.  I would've objected if I didn't love it, but I am really impressed with his interior design skills.  :)

Our bathroom ceilings are extremely high at 14'8" tall.  I'll never get cozy in the shower.  But I love the ceilings so I'll be just fine. ;)

Please take a moment to stare at these brown gutters.  I love them.  Most people wouldn't even notice gutters on a home but I love the effect the brown adds to the house.  Plus our shutters will be that color so it will all be perfectly tied in at the end.

And I'm still crushing on my deck.  Don't worry deck, you're tied with the cabinets as my favorite.

We're getting so close.  And I'm getting so excited.