Monday, August 25, 2014

Still Here!

Hey lovelies.  I know it seems like I have fallen off of the planet, but I'm still here...I promise.
Sometimes I just get blog-bored...followed by a little bit of blog-guilt.
I follow so many blogs and those moms are killing it.  Somehow managing to chase after their toddlers and take completely perfect photos while enjoying life and then write these incredible posts about the neatest things.  Y'all are awesome, but apparently I'm just not capable of that kind of dedication to poor little Almond Joy.
I just can't make myself commit to an every day post.  I just can't. One day...maybe, but for now this is just something I do when I feel like it.  Because it's mine and I can do that you know?
Maybe I should start penciling blogging into my schedule, but that would be hard because I don't have a schedule.  I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to get Kollyns to preschool on time starting next week because my morning routine is slam full of coffee, laundry folding, dishwasher unloading and Bible reading okay?
But I can promise this, I will get around to catching you up eventually.  And I will write when I have something to write about. And thank you for still reading even though I'm predictable and inconsistent.  Love ya, mean it.
Speaking of predictable.  Time for another house update.  Eeeks.
I told you we wouldn't be moving in at the end of August even thought that was the predicted date didn't I?  Well that is totally the case.  We won't be moving in until the week of October 20th.  I'm not even sad about it and the good news is we can start looking to lock in an interest rate in about 2 weeks.  And we know for sure what our move-in date will be so we can plan accordingly. 
They finally finished the trim work on the columns.  There are over 50 pieces of wood on each column and it took them a good 2 weeks to get these done.  It felt like forever.  These will be painted white and there will be a decorative piece at the top to cover the gap.  I love them.
Interior Columns
The shower tile is finished!  I can't wait to see it clean and with paint on the walls.  This is seriously bad photo quality but you get the idea.
The bathroom granite is in!  It's called New Venetian Ice and I'm so happy with it!  The floors are covered because the painters are there this week (I'm thrilled.)!
New Venetian Ice Granite, Distressed Black Cabinets
The kitchen granite was also installed this past weekend. We chose the Caledonia with a half bull nose edge.  I had originally planned on doing a fancier edge, but I really didn't want to go over the top because the cabinets are pretty busy and our backsplash will be a stacked rock so I figured we should go easy on the edge to keep everything flowing nicely. ;)

 I can't wait to see the floors stained the ebony color.  I'm thinking it will really set the cabinets off!
And as far as décor, I haven't really bought that much.
I snagged these adorable canisters at Pier 1 the other week...We bought all three sizes but I only lugged one to the new house to put against the cabinets because I was scared to death of breaking one (they aren't cheap).
And I bought these two cute wall hangings because I figured they would match the zinc top on my Messina Dining Table really well...which is still in the box because it's pointless to set it up before we move in!
And last weekend we loaded up and headed down to a huge furniture warehouse only to come home empty-handed.  Doesn't she look thrilled? ;)
And just for fun...look at this little cutie and her pigtails.  That face...
I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday! :)


Emily Osborne said...

I'm with you sista! I can't stay consistent with my blog anymore... I still love it I just don't have the energy haha. And um.. if your house gets anymore gorgeous, I'm going to have to stop our relationship. Are you serious?! Can I come live with you? Just let me.

Kelsey Almond said...

I know, right? It's so hard! But I think the reason I still love it is because I don't feel any pressure. Thanks Em, you can move in whenever you want! And what are you talking about?! You're the one living it up in Japan. btw I'm gonna need for you to start blowing up insta with tons of photos of your life there, like now. :)

Amy Kruszec said...

You have an awesome blog girl! I haven't blogged in a hot minute either and mine is still coming together. I feel the same though about other mommas who have the coolest blogs, I check yours all the time because it is good and I am not even gonna lie, I am living vicariously through you....that house tho!!! It is SO gorgeous!!

Kelsey Almond said...

Thank you Amy!!! I'm so glad you still visit my little blog even though I'm a slacker! ;)